Thursday 25 June 2015

Day 04 - Gal inspirations

Hey there! (: I chose my own topic for Day 4 because I didn't really have much to write for the original challenge to be honest! xD. So without further ado I'm going to show what and who inspires me to do Gal!
I think its great to draw inspirations not only from people but places, objects and even cartoon characters and to save them into a large folder. Not only am I inspired by Japanese Gyaru's but also Gaijin gals to view different co-ordinates and people's different takes on it from a foreigner's perspective and the resources they have in their country.
Japanese fashion inspirations

Sunday 14 June 2015

Day 3 - Best and worst experience with non-gyarus

Sorry I've been really lacking when it comes to updating frequently. I've been quite busy and somewhat lazy when I do actually have the free time. But here I am at 3:34am - my mind functions better at strange hours.

At first I didn't really understand this challenge but after reading Chewiee's blog post I realised I had an air-head moment and misinterpreted the whole thing xD.

Lets start with the positives shall we? 
To be honest I get a range of different reactions when I'm wearing gal but I have noticed compliments are usually from elderly women, little kids and occasionally middle aged mum's. I can't exactly remember one particular experience that outweighs the rest but a lot of the comments are somewhat similar in being called a princess or a doll.
Elderly ladies usually comment on how colourful the outfits are or call me pretty which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 8). I also get a lot of lovely comments when I go shopping from shop assistants/personal shoppers and are genuinely intrigued and interested in where the style comes from.
Me // Leanne // Michelle // Letitia

Thursday 21 May 2015

Day 02 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

1   ♡ I have a huge weakness for cute things but being into Japanese culture and
        fashion, I guess that comes with the 
2   ♡ My most favourite Anime and Manga series is Higurashi: When They Cry
3   ♡ Seeing kittens makes me so emotional, I get teary x'D.
4   ♡ My biggest phobias are needles, blood and insects - especially spiders ;-;
5   ♡ I remember my first crush wasn't even with a human - It was Spyro the Dragon...
6   ♡ My best friend and biggest inspiration in my life is my Mum.
7   ♡ I don't actually have a "favourite" Japanese clothing brand. Its hard to stick to one!
8   ♡ I cannot stand the phrase "make love" - CRINGE
9   ♡ Red Velvet Cake is life
10 ♡ I have a very large family which consists of 27 cousins, 21 second cousins and 2 third cousins (is there such a
11 ♡ I am half Maltese; half British :3
12 ♡ I have never taken/tried any illegal drugs at any point in my life and I doubt I ever will.   
13 ♡ T.O.P. is my main bae.
14 ♡ I am a terrible liar
15 ♡ I keep my friends for a long time - my longest friendship has been for 19 years.
My god these posts take me so long, I can never think of anything interesting!
Bye Bye

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Day one - When did you start dressing gyaru?

Hello everyone, as I have been stuck on topics for my posts recently I thought I'd start the Gyaru meme! I wont be posting everyday but I will post consistently. 
I have briefly explained how I got into Gyaru subculture in one of my previous posts but it mainly summarised how I developed in Japanese fashion overall.
Most fashion styles I try straight away - I buy the clothes and fix my make-up and that's pretty much it - I'm now Fairy kei/ creepy cute/Cult party kei etc.! However, with Gyaru I never really had that sudden starting point, it was very gradual (when I started developing the style more seriously).

Thursday 14 May 2015

☆.•*´Experimenting with Oshare Kei`*•.☆

Hello everyone! So recently I started getting very nostalgic and reminisced back in the days that I first discovered Jrock. Its been quite a few years now that I've stopped keeping up to date with it because I just found it so hard. I then ended up getting into Kpop which is even more difficult to keep up with! As I watched their old music videos I realised I have never ever tried Oshare Kei which is a style I admire so much because it matches so well with the upbeat and lively style of the music. Back in my teen years I was heavily influenced by LM.C and Takeru of SuG, however I didn't really have the wardrobe to pull it off. My attempts back then were literally awful that I wouldn't even label it as Oshare kei.
Takeru // SuG

Tuesday 5 May 2015

My Top Ten Most Attractive Celebrities

This is probably the saddest post I have made, but there seriously are some men who's beautiful faces need to be appreciated! I'm not sure if I have a "type" per say as I like different things in different people. However, one thing I have never found attractive is facial hair so all these guys have lovely smooth faces as you'll see for yourself xD

10 - Jay Park 박재범
// Singer // Rapper // Music producer // Dancer // Model // Choreographer // Actor //

Tuesday 28 April 2015

March Gyaru meet!

Photo by Kacey
(L - R) Miki // Me // Lizzie // Kacey // Kitty // Marie // Shay // Charlotte
So this post is a little over due, I can't believe its been over a month since I last had a Gyaru meet! My life has been very busy since then - at first, I didn't really have the money to see people, but now with my new job I don't have the time! Plus its now the exam/dissertation month for a lot of my friends still in University, so my social life has died down a little since they have a lot of deadlines. 
But anyway! A huge Gyaru meet was arranged last month in China town (obviously) and to my surprise there were quite a lot of new faces which is always great to see other's getting into the style.