Thursday, 21 May 2015

Day 02 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

1   ♡ I have a huge weakness for cute things but being into Japanese culture and
        fashion, I guess that comes with the 
2   ♡ My most favourite Anime and Manga series is Higurashi: When They Cry
3   ♡ Seeing kittens makes me so emotional, I get teary x'D.
4   ♡ My biggest phobias are needles, blood and insects - especially spiders ;-;
5   ♡ I remember my first crush wasn't even with a human - It was Spyro the Dragon...
6   ♡ My best friend and biggest inspiration in my life is my Mum.
7   ♡ I don't actually have a "favourite" Japanese clothing brand. Its hard to stick to one!
8   ♡ I cannot stand the phrase "make love" - CRINGE
9   ♡ Red Velvet Cake is life
10 ♡ I have a very large family which consists of 27 cousins, 21 second cousins and 2 third cousins (is there such a
11 ♡ I am half Maltese; half British :3
12 ♡ I have never taken/tried any illegal drugs at any point in my life and I doubt I ever will.   
13 ♡ T.O.P. is my main bae.
14 ♡ I am a terrible liar
15 ♡ I keep my friends for a long time - my longest friendship has been for 19 years.
My god these posts take me so long, I can never think of anything interesting!
Bye Bye


  1. I agree with 7 and 9! it's hard to just stick to one, when there is so many amazing brands <3

    1. Exactly! I like different brands for different reasons. Although I do think princess melody and swankiss are two of my top favourites :3

  2. Haha, nice to know someone else has had weird crushes on game characters. ( ´▽`) Having 3 big brothers who like gaming, I've had a few! They've ranged from the fairly normal like Link(♡), to Star Fox, Shadow the Hedgehog, and even Earthworm Jim at one point! XD *strange child*

    1. Yaaaay <3 I don't feel so alone now! XDD I think its because you are playing that character and go through the game with them. I remember thinking Spyro was so brave and always unafraid to take on any challenge. Maybe it was more admiration but I remember thinking he was cute bahaha.
      OMG EARTHWORM JIM. That is so grim XDDDD

  3. Kittens are the cutest beings on this earth I swear. I wish I could be one of those kitten carers where you just look after kittens for work~ Can't remember the exact job title but I think it's a kitten foster carer?

    1. Yassss or work in a cattery 8) although that's usually volunteer work but still...CATS