Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 3 - Best and worst experience with non-gyarus

Sorry I've been really lacking when it comes to updating frequently. I've been quite busy and somewhat lazy when I do actually have the free time. But here I am at 3:34am - my mind functions better at strange hours.

At first I didn't really understand this challenge but after reading Chewiee's blog post I realised I had an air-head moment and misinterpreted the whole thing xD.

Lets start with the positives shall we? 
To be honest I get a range of different reactions when I'm wearing gal but I have noticed compliments are usually from elderly women, little kids and occasionally middle aged mum's. I can't exactly remember one particular experience that outweighs the rest but a lot of the comments are somewhat similar in being called a princess or a doll.
Elderly ladies usually comment on how colourful the outfits are or call me pretty which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 8). I also get a lot of lovely comments when I go shopping from shop assistants/personal shoppers and are genuinely intrigued and interested in where the style comes from.
Me // Leanne // Michelle // Letitia
I think its quite obvious who make the worst kinds of comments... MEN (ಠ∩ಠ)
Or self entitled pricks as I'd like the call them.
Every bad experience I have had has been with men - notice the plural though. The experiences always occur when they're in a group where they like to show off to their other similar-douchebag-looking friends. Seriously how does anyone tell them apart? They are literally are clones of each other.

My worst experience though was Brighton Japan festival back in 2013 where I travelled with a friend and we literally had non-stop harassment thrown our way all day. All comments were from groups of white men ranging from ages 15-30. During that day a man decided to come right into my face and make repulsed vomiting noises at me to which I ignored and just carried on walking.
As tempting as it is, I don't make comments back as I'm scared of their reaction especially if they became physical as I wouldn't be able to defend myself. >   <
However, I have witnessed many of my friends sticking up for themselves which makes me so proud ♡. To be honest most men are so dumbfounded that we have have an answer that they just stare back in surprise and do nothing as we walk on.

It makes me so angry to witness in person how entitled a lot of men are to actually think women revolve their lives and choices around them - a complete stranger who is actually minging as fuck.
Take off your shitty chinos and your shirt you bought from Mothercare because its miles too small for you. I know you'd like to show off your one pack but please take a look in the mirror at yourself first before you pass judgement on my appearance. Cos bitch please, I don't do this for you.

- P.S. even if you're as hot as Channing Tatum I still don't expect you to think its okay to ever make someone feel harassed and unsafe because of how they chose to present/express themselves.
"I don't like when you wear all that shit"

Its mad late now and I'm knackered. So goodnight everyone! 


  1. Oh gosh I know EXACTLY what you mean! I think everyone in the community suffers from disgusting catcallers ;_;

    I love that last picture of you tehe <3

    1. Yes definitely! Its weird how differently they treat me when I'm dressed up to go clubbing. They catcall me like a piece of meat, but in Jfashion they treat me like a complete freak.
      Hahaha thank you, I love it as well and I'm glad I got to use it xD!

  2. It's so sweet that old ladies comment on how cute you look! :) It's really nice to get a compliment, but not if someone's just saying it expecting to get something in return. If people could all just keep unsolicited remarks to themselves that would be great! ♡

    1. Old ladies are the best, they're so kind and sweet :)
      I've noticed they really love lolita too especially when they see you wearing a petti :3
      I know, I wish the world was like mcm. When you're there for the weekend no one bats an eyelid at what you're wearing that when you come out its quite disorientating when people start staring and making comments.

  3. aww it's lovely to get compliments and people wanting to know more, we must convert them haha! I've noticed that about men as well, always in groups! I did see one man come up to my lolita friend and give her praise for wearing her style out and about was very sweet!