Tuesday, 28 April 2015

March Gyaru meet!

Photo by Kacey
(L - R) Miki // Me // Lizzie // Kacey // Kitty // Marie // Shay // Charlotte
So this post is a little over due, I can't believe its been over a month since I last had a Gyaru meet! My life has been very busy since then - at first, I didn't really have the money to see people, but now with my new job I don't have the time! Plus its now the exam/dissertation month for a lot of my friends still in University, so my social life has died down a little since they have a lot of deadlines. 
But anyway! A huge Gyaru meet was arranged last month in China town (obviously) and to my surprise there were quite a lot of new faces which is always great to see other's getting into the style.
 Photos by Lizzie
First of all I met up with Lizzie outside the Puri place. I missed her lots and she always cracks me up! Both of us were so hungry so we grabbed a quick bite from the bakery, headed upstairs to meet everyone, to take selfies and to take derp Purikura photos
Me with Charlotte (L) // Miki (R)
This was my first time meeting Charlotte, I have followed her for a while on instagram but we finally met in person and she's just sweet and adorable. Her code for the day was Hime Kaji style in a beautiful Liz Lisa dress. Next I had a selfie with Miki who I have met a few times before and her eye make-up is always so on point, her eyes are stunning! 
My outfit // Me & Galina
Yay some new faces! I met Galina who has wonderfully pink hair and I believe is quite new to Gyaru fashion as I haven't seen her around before. 
Next up is my outfit run down of the day, I tried to do Kurogal again to experiment more with this style -
♡ Top, leather skirt, belt, tights, boots - eBay
♡ Cardigan - Warehouse
♡ Leg warmers - Yumetenbo
♡ Bag - Primark
♡ Necklace & earrings - Claires accessories
 Photo by Lizzie - Me // Lizzie // Charlotte
Also thought it was worth mentioning my deco nails are by Dreamy bows 
Lizzie & Marie derpin'

I don't think you're ready for this jelly
Next up we headed to....a Japanese restaurant who's name I can't remember and I predictably ordered Chicken Katsu curry. I always want to be a little more adventurous but I just really craved it that day, so maybe next time! We got fat on Boba jam desserts and I ordered the mango crepe roll because you know - mangooooos 

Next I headed to karaoke with Marie and Lizzie before we were later joined by Emmie :) while the rest of the group headed to Japan centre and to some pubs. I couldn't stay too late as I was heading out to celebrate my friend's sister's engagement party back home in Essex.
It was lovely to meet some new people and see some familiar faces too, I can't wait for the next meet!


  1. I'm so jealous of the UK comm! You guys always look like you have so much fun! <3


    1. Aw we do have a lot of fun, the girls are so much fun :)
      Where abouts are you from? ^^