Saturday, 18 April 2015

✩ Gyaru and highstreet stores haul ✩

I made this video a while ago - it was back in February I believe but I forgot to post it on here. There are some affordable Gyaru-able items and the others are pieces I purchased that also appealed to me :3. That's not to say you can't try putting any of those pieces into a Gal co-ordinate. Its all about experimenting and how you put it together and most importantly - MAKE UP. You can pretty much wear anything, bend the rules and be creative with Gyaru which is why I love it so much 

I was really inspired by Rulu An - A Chinese Gyaru model - which is what I was trying to achieve in this video. No matter what outfit she creates - be it over the top or very simple - she always manages to look incredibly flawless and feminine. Here are some of my favourite looks by Rulu An as she is my biggest Kurogal inspiration ^3^
Examples of her simple and pastel coords
Rulu An's more extravagant styles
Lastly, examples of her make-up. Although its quite heavy I don't really care because she looks fabulous.
In this image is the top I bought from Taobao and HERE is her store, or maybe she is just the model? I'm not entirely sure. Sorry the photo quality is awful, the item sold out a long time ago and I could only find the thumbnail image. You can see the inspiration in my video...actually I literally just copied her entire outfit xD. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video and also got to see one of my biggest Gyaru inspirations. If there is anything else you would like to see on this blog please don't hesitate to leave a comment below~ 

Bye Bye


  1. Oh my gosh you crack me up so much <3 I miss you girly! <3
    I love Rulu An, she's a massive inspiration to me too!

    1. Hahah thanks bubs! :D I miss you too!! :( we need a meet very soon <3
      She's so pretty and her co-ordinates always look so glamorous :3

  2. Yay, so glad I finally got around to watching this! You're so cute it was worth it. :P I wanna' meet you again! <3

    I don't really know who's who, but Chinese gals do it so well! It is a bit OTT but refreshing to see. :) [/rhyme]

    I usually just call d.i.a. style kuro gal, regardless of skin tone. XD There is the term 'shiro gal' for paler gals, but it doesn't get used much. Or maybe tsuyome gal? @.@

    1. Whaaat I replied to this on my phone, clearly didn't post!
      Aw thank you ! ^^ it was nice meeting you too, can't wait to hang out again :)

      No me neither, the only Chinese gal I know is Rulu An, I know other Chinese models but they are in other Japanese fashion styles like fairy kei and Lolita.
      I like how she manages to pull off the OTT look though, its quite hard to do :)

      Oh that's good, haha at least I wasn't really far off and calling it something completely wrong! > <