Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Future Cosplays

Hello again :) as the next MCM is slowly approaching I have been considering cosplaying this year instead of wearing Jfashion again. As much as I appreciate the time and effort dedicated cosplayers put into making or purchasing their costumes I could never spend such a large amount of money for one day.
However, I manage to mix and incorporate offbrand/cheaper options with Japanese fashion so doing my research and getting a little creative I am confident I will be able to pull something together :) 
The Grand Duchess // Anastasia 
"Things my heart used to know, things it yearns to remember"

One of my favourite animated movies is Anastasia and I think it is such an underrated movie. I love every song - my favourite being 'Once upon a December'. During that scene in which she sings, Anastasia returns to the Palace that she grew up in. But having amnesia, it prevents her from fully recognising her home and her true identity - the Grand Duchess of Russia. She begins singing and imagining her Royal past as things she has seen in her dreams rather than what she actually experienced in real life.
Half way through the song, she spins and this gorgeous gold/yellow gown magically forms around her which glitters and shines throughout the rest of the song. 
Hanyuu Furude // Rika Furude // Higurashi When they Cry
"Child of Man. What do you seek from this world? I will gladly play this game, in this month of June that never seems to end, for as long as I want"

Hanyuu and Rika are very unique characters to Higurashi - Hanyuu being Oyashiro-Sama the God of the village Hinamizawa and Rika being the reincarnation. Higurashi is probably one of the most difficult plot lines to summarise in one paragraph as there are many different arcs to the story but all contain the same characters. All I can do is recommend this series, and even if the genre doesn't sound appealing to you please give it a chance and have an open mind. It revolves around mystery, psychological horror and the supernatural which isn't a genre I typically watch when it comes to anime. However, Higurashi is undeniably my all-time favourite Anime and Manga series and although the animation isn't the most outstanding I've ever seen, the plot line is gripping from beginning to end.
I am torn between both characters as it would cost more to cosplay Hanyuu with a lot more adjustments being made for the sleeves. However, I have already cosplayed Rika in her school uniform but I do have a suitable wig. Hmmm decisions.    
Misuzu Kamio // AIR
"We can go down to the beach and play in the sand and splash water at each other. And at the end of the day, we'll say "see you later!" and do it all over again tomorrow."

If you can't handle a heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story then do not watch this anime! You have been warned! However, likewise to Higurashi I do not typically seek out this type of genre either because I can't handle the feels. I really breakdown like a little child haha.
Nonetheless, one boring Sunday afternoon I randomly picked this anime to watch without reading the plot as I wanted to go in with an open mind. It truly is one of the most beautifully animated series I have seen. It depicts a tale of a young girl - Misuzu who meets and gets close to Yukito - a boy that travels from town to town to earn a living. Problems occur within their friendship and Misuzu mysteriously falls extremely and uncontrollably ill.
Half way through the series the plot shifts to another era in the Heian period and conveys a character - Princess Kanna who bears wings on her back and is held prisoner in her castle. She is forcibly separated from her Mother (who also bears wings) who has been locked away under the mountains. Kanna plots an escape with two accomplices from the castle in a quest to free her Mother and return to the sky. The guards and Monks of the castle catch up with Kanna in order to capture her again. She soars into the air when 
they shoot an arrow straight through her heart, placing a curse where she must endure constant reincarnation and death whenever she finds love; Misuzu is one such reincarnation.
The rest of the series focuses on Misuzu's life and the pain she endures when getting too close to Yukito. Its a beautiful plot and anime but also had me in bits throughout the entire series.
Angelica Pickles // Rugrats
"You dumb babies, monsters are just frigments of your infactuation"

Growing up, Angelica was a very relatable character to me, although I'd like to think I wasn't bratty and spoiled xD. I believe my parents raised me and my brother fairly - but I loved her sassy and bossy attitude which were traits I possessed. 
Having a younger brother meant that I loved to be in charge and trick him into thinking I had magic powers, I'd make up strange stories and dress him up.
Angelica is always shown carrying her comfort toy - Cynthia - a well used doll with three strands of hair protruding from her head which was also another similar trait of mine. I used to carry around a teddy of Lady from Lady and the Tramp everywhere with me.
Miwako Sakurada // Paradise Kiss
"Wow, so angels have pink hair"

I wish this Manga series wasn't so short because it truly is a great story and I admire Ai Yazawa's flare for fashion illustration. What I love about Paradise Kiss is its mature approach to fashion, friendship, sex and love and the struggles of choosing the right career path for the future especially for those in creative fields. 
My favourite character is Miwako Sakurada with her fabulous style, adorable personality and her passionate relationship with Arashi. I had previously cosplayed Miwako four years ago, however my wig and make-up skills were absolutely awful ;A;. My Mum was an absolute babe and made a copy of the outfit in the top right hand corner; this time however I would love to experiment creating some of the more flamboyant dresses she is depicted wearing in the manga. 

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