Sunday, 29 March 2015

✩ PomPom earrings by Strawberry skies & extras! ✩

✩ ~ Hello everyone ~ ✩ I have been searching for some giant pompom earrings to create the perfect Swankiss look. Everywhere I searched they were either sold out, too small or handmade from string :(.
Eventually I saw a post on tumblr by Strawberry Skies and originally I went to check if her adorable ballerina skirt and crop top set were still available when I stumbled upon the pom pom earrings. I didn't even contemplate and bought them straight away - I purchased the white pair because they would go with more of my items.  

I have followed Strawberry Skies for a while now on tumblr and I really admire the designer's style - Manon Marguerite:). As I ordered from the website I read that the currency was in AUS however when I went to the checkout on paypal it had converted my total from USD. I paid anyway and contacted Strawberry Skies to confirm whether this was correct. I received a very quick reply the next day from Manon explaining that the store has now changed to USD which was fine ^^. Just a heads up for everyone else!
I placed my order on the 25/02 and it arrived 7/03 which was super quick and efficient - as the parcel came from Japan I was expecting it to be a little longer so I was pleasantly surprised! :)
It arrived in a lovely pink package and I knew instantly what is was >:). Inside was much more cuteness, a little hand written note on Little twin stars paper from Manon, a kawaii fruit flavoured sweet, a business card and the earrings wrapped up in an adorable Little twin stars bag *o*.
Here are the earrings out of the packet and they are the perfect size I was looking for. They're extremely soft and also made from faux fur which is crucial for me when I buy anything with fur on.
They are well made and I have had many compliments on them :). I would also like to note that these earrings are quite heavy so if you really dislike earrings that slightly pull on your ears I would recommend going for a smaller size. However I was expecting there to be a bit of weight to them so this doesn't bother me at all. You can also chose the option to have them as clip on earrings if you do not have your ears pierced :)

Quality:  5/5
Extremely Soft, made from faux fur, the perfect size and sturdy. I have no complaints here!

Communication: ★ 5/5
Strawberry Skies are very efficient at replying quickly and politely which I think is also very important. I like to know that any business is kind to their customers and cares about their queries ^^
Postage★ 5/5

I can't remember the postage exactly but I remember the total was around £11? So I'm estimating the postage was about £3 which is very reasonable for how quickly the earrings got to the UK 
For the second half of this post I have a few random images I wanted to share but wouldn't have made a very sufficient blog post on its own.
I had a job interview in Primark a few weeks ago and ended up buying a few things on my way out. Primark is so tempting to me because of how cheap everything is. They've also been stocking a lot of really nice pastel items this season so obviously I couldn't resist.

 Underpants print Knickers £1 // Heart arrow Knickers £1 // Accessory Hanger 90p // Lavender frilly socks £1.50 // Cross earrings and necklace - Claires Accessories £2.50 each
I love primark underwear because its so cheap; the knickers above are really comfortable and come in various cute prints. I have two other pairs with daisies and bras on :3. Not gonna lie, they make my booty look cute too :3 ...ppfffft no I don't look at my own arse in the mirror when I buy new underwear ... >   >
Crop, Sleeveless cardigan £12 // One shouldered crop top £4
So we're walking towards the car ready to go home and lo and behold we walk past Miss Selfridge. Not just any Miss selfridge - no - one with a 50% sale sign up in the window. Well...a look wont hurt.
However, whenenver there is a sale its never just a "look" I should know this by now. I like my purchases anyway so I don't regret it although my bank account probably does. There were a few white deodorant stains as you can see on the black crop top but they washed off.
The day after I went for lunch with fronds. Here is the outfit I wore which I had in my mind for a while but didn't have the chance to wear it. I absolutely love pink and black together and Michelle (designer of Roxie Sweetheart) puts together beautiful black and pastel outfits and it really inspired me to experiment a little more.
♡ Wig - Syndrome 

♡ Beret - Yumi
♡ Bow - Dreamy Bows by Chocomint 
♡ Belt, skirt (customised by me), tights and trainers - eBay
♡ Gingham top - Select
♡ Melty castle Necklace - Roxie Sweetheart 
♡ Cross Necklace - Primark
And last but not least here's an image of my cat being a freak. The fuck u want?

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