Sunday, 22 March 2015

Random style post

As many of you know I am constantly trying out different styles and I have been documenting them mainly on Instagram. So that means these are not the best quality photos since they're from my phone. As I've only just started getting into blogging again I will take more images with my DSLR camera from now on ^^.
I mainly get a lot of my ideas and inspirations from random images on tumblr; at the moment a lot of Swankiss photos are popping up on my dashboard and I love the brands use of pastels, the silhouette of their clothes and the huge amount fluff *o* so much fluff!
Pastels are a staple in my wardrobe and although I do like certain aspects of Fairy Kei I find myself feeling a little frumpy in it ;-;. Has anyone else noticed how there's never any tight cropped fairy kei style tops?! I really dislike wearing loose fitted clothes (although it depends on the style) and if I do wear it, I make sure the other half of the outfit is nicely fitted. I think it gives a little bit of a mature edge to it and I like to feel very feminine ^^

So here was my attempt at a Swankiss inspired coord. I recently purchased giant pom pom earrings from Strawberry Skies and I think it really pulls the entire outfit together. And they're so soft ;3;
♡ Beret, Lace blouse, chiffon over-dress, pleated skirt, platform trainers - eBay

♡ Tights - Loli-Loli paradise 
♡ Bag - Spreepicky
♡ Earrings - Strawberry skies

♡ Necklace - Claires
This was another Swankiss inspired coord with this lovely (but also really short) dress I got for Christmas :3, I'm really disappointed in my hair in this photo though ;-;
♡ Dress, shoes, moon necklace, garter - eBay
♡ Bunny hair clip - Moon Bunny
♡ Fluffy hair ties - Camden
♡ Socks - Secret shop
♡ Petticoat - RTBU
♡ Cardigan - ASDA George
♡ Choker - Unicorn shop
Up next is my attempt at Kurogal but it sucks so much that I'm not going to label it as any particular substyle xD and just say "uhh its just a Gyaru style with no name!"
I really wanted to practise with hair and try to use my prisila hair piece to create something like the images below where one side is bigger than the other. I know most gals back comb their hair but I am so against back combing that I avoid it against all costs xD.
I think my hair looks more suited to Hime or Agejo because of my fringe which is taking its sweet arse time to grow out! I also think the bow doesn't work so well for this style. (Also, my fuck my eyes are scarily huge, I don't understand what I managed to do different this time xD.)
So in conclusion, I'm not very proud of this outfit but its all part of experimenting and learning ^^.
♡ Top - Love Label

♡ Ripped jeans, fur leg warmers, belt - eBay
♡ Arm warmers - Taobao
I attempted a toned down version of Kuro gal because I went shopping in this outfit and I wanted something easy to get undressed out of when trying on clothes :)
Also this outfit is fookin' cheap I love it.
♡ Faux leather skirt, top, suspender tights, boots - eBay
 Jacket - River Island
I can feel the style starting to improve now and I am gaining a lot of confidence trying this style out. Hopefully at some point I will reach the stage where I have enough pracitse and courage to create something similar to the girls in Black Diamond (◕3◕)•*´¨`*
For this look though, I was really inspired by Rulu Ann, she's just all kinds of perfect ;3;
 Wig, jacket, necklace, belt - eBay
 Shorts - Hollister
  Top - Taobao
  Leg warmers - Yumetenbo
This style has no label, its just something I threw together to meet some friends :)
 Headband - Topshop
 Playsuit - Cyberdog
 Tights - eBay
♡ Platform trainers - Cute to the core

♡ Jacket - Taobao (Candy stripper replica)
♡ Bag - Floozie
♡ Scarf - Primark 
And finally I tried some kind of pastel goth...thing? I love black with pastels, I like contrasts :3
♡ Beret, black top, skirt, tights, belt, holographic creepers - eBay
♡ Cardigan - Yumetenbo
♡ Socks - Secret shop
♡ Netted crop top - Funky town (Camden)
♡ Badges - Roxie Sweetheart and Topshop
♡ Ribbon pin - Handmade

More posts to come soon, hopefully I can practise my terrible writing and improve a little more ﹏☉"
Bye bye 

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