Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Life in December

I have been really lacking in updating this blog and I also haven't been taking enough photos to fill a whole post, so I will just recap what I did in December! ^^
First up - I graduated at last! It was a lovely day in a beautiful cathedral. I got to see my best buddy Heba who flew from Cyprus, I hadn't seen her since June ;3; It was so strange to realise how fast those three years went but they were the best three years of my life.
Mum, Me, Dad // Heba, Me

14/12/2014 Next main event was Winter Wonderland with my friends I met back in 2012 at ScReW and I hadn't seen in a long time. Because the queue was so long outside Winter Wonderland, by the time I actually got into the event I just had time to meet up with everyone before we had to leave for the table we booked in a Malaysian restaurant in China town.
Dicks on sticks at WW // Charley & Kaycie // Richard // Sarah
I can't even remember the name of the restaurant or what I ordered but it was this HUGE chicken noodle dish with this thick dark broth. It was like gravy and it was deeeeelicious. I couldn't finish it though it was bigger than my head! I also met a few new people that day as well. Here is the make-up I wore that day.

18/12/2014 As a last minute plan, Mina and I decided to grab some food in China town since we hadn't been in a long time. We went to the Golden Pagoda for lunch and did Purikura on one of the crappy machines because the best one was closed :(.
I introduced Boba Jam to Mina because she loves bubble tea and Asian desserts. At first she was all excited to be with her people saying she loved being surrounded by Asian's then as we went to leave she said it was too Asian for her liking. Hahahaa - this is said by the girl who says she has to look in the mirror to remind herself she isn't white.
 Lesbian cat lovers // Put it on your head // I want my mullet back
Asian adoption // Boba Jam // Its not just a bag, its Prada

21/12/2014 Another day in London! This time with my Uni buddies Lindsey and Holly (although I've known Lindsey years before Uni but we all were flatmates in second year.) We haven't seen each other since Uni finished being busy with work so it was a great catch up ♡. When we're together all we seem to do is giggle at the most stupid shit really loudly.
We had some amazing noms in Chiquitos but I'd already started eating before I took the photo. I don't understand how people can wait to take the best photo, I dig in straight away.
I showed them the purikura machine and we spent about an hour decorating the stickers.
Then we had a mooch around Oxford street and I got a few buys in the Christmas sale in Miss Selfridge -my favourite high street brand ♡ - and chilled in Starbucks until Holly had to catch her train. 
Lindsey // Holly // Me // Quesadillas at Chiquitos
Purikura times
I tried on a beautiful feather top in Topshop unfortunately it was too big ;-;. On the right was my outfit for the day:  Cardigan - Warehouse, Blouse - Gothic, Lolita and Punk, Shoes - eBay, Skirt - eBay, tights - Loli loli paradise. 

30/12/2014 Again I went to London with Steven and Linz another buddy from Uni who I lived with in the final year. We basically chilled around Camden and went for some drinks in World's end and grabbed some dinner in China town. Lindsey left earlier because she wasn't feeling so good so Steven and I wandered around Soho trying to find a bar and had bare laffs.

31/12/2014 I had a Christmas meal with my bezzies from school to exchange our Christmas presents in Prezzo. Every year we do secret Santa and buy for one person, although its not much of a secret haha.
I got some Yankee Candles from Lauren, some cute accessories, tights and the next Higurashi manga :D. P.s. look at my bag tho.
Sarah // Lauren // Me // Vicky // Mina
Meat pie cocktail
For New years Eve we went to Lauren's and I wore my bodycon dress from Miss Selfridge that I bought at work. It was the only one left and it was in my size in the petite range. IT WAS MEANT TO BE. There were about 15 of us at the event and Mina tried making her own Pina Colada's which were uhm...interesting? xD I got slightly drunk and ended up making up my own cocktail with Jake. He told me what to put in and which drinks to mix (bear in mind we were both pretty pissed) when he dared me to place a mince pie in the drink at the end.
I was later told while I'm drinking my stupid cocktail for a laugh that its actually a meat pie. The pastry started getting soggy and the meaty flavours started mixing in with the liquidz. Ew. Haahah. It was a great night with everyone though and a great way to end the year!
That's all for December~! Byeeee xo

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