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MCM expo October and Hyper Japan November 2014

So this post is four months late and I apologise! Back in October I met up with the lovely Lizzie Bee for MCM expo. Both of us mainly went to see everyone and buy shit that we don't actually need.

But first up here's our outfit run downs, I decided to do Hime Lolita because I finally had the chance to wear my Bodyline dress and Lizzie is in Agejo Gyaru! 

Cat ear headband - Ruby Rose // Top + Skirt set, socks, necklace and handbag - MA*RS
Blouse - Miss Selfridge // Love Jewellery JSK - Bodyline // Hair accessories - Dreamy Bows // Heart heels - DreamV // Bag - eBay and customised by me

Being with Lizzie meant that this time I actually had the chance to take decent photos of cosplayers since she wasn't shy to go up and ask like I am! I always feel like they might be busy and don't want to be disturbed? But taking photos and having your photos taken is all part of expo! I shouldn't be shy to ask next time. So here are the cosplays I personally thought were amazing :)

       Unsure   //   Princess Tiana   //   Aurora 

Starbucks   //   Unikitty   //   Maleficent 
The Sanderson Sisters   //   Megara and Hercules 
Roxy Richter   //   Rena Ryuugu 
This amazing JSK  is from spreepicky! I have seen it on their website but seeing it in person shows how gorgeous the material is. I really love this girl's coord, sadly I didn't catch her name but I love how she accessorised all the flowers in her hair without over-powering the entire coordinate. I think I have such a lack of lavender in my wardrobe and I am definitely inspired to add more to it ^3^
Wai-Yi & Rosanna - Dreamy Bows // Michelle & Jess - Roxie Sweetheart // Jojo & Jojo - Love Jojo
Photo by LoveJojo
Lastly we met up with our friends that were selling at MCM, its great to see everyone all in one place as we haven't had many Jfashion meets recently - I've definitely missed everyone ! ;o;
The girls at LoveJojo gave Lizzie and I free alpaca's! It was really generous of them and we were offered some other freebies too purely because people liked our outfits! 
Here are all the goodies I got - Attack on Titan Vol. 14, Pink Alpaca, Sweet Lolita poster, Diamond nails, Rilakkuma memo pad, Rilakkuma strawberry figurine, pink poop sharpener & a kitten keychain. I also got a free Sailor Moon poster from an illustrator too ^^.

Hyper Japan
A month later Hyper Japan came along and it was literally a last minute decision to go as I had work over the entire weekend. However, the Saturday event was open until 9pm so the night before I booked a ticket with my babe Letitia.
I finished work at 5 but by the time I actually got myself ready, reached the venue and met up with Letitia we only had an hour and a half to see everyone! ;A; I also didn't realise it was at Olympia and I turned up at Earl's court. What a noob.
Jojo // Me // Letitia // Jojo

First up, an outfit run down! Letitia is in Hime Kaji wearing a dress by Liz Lisa (Kawaii gyaru shop) and a pink faux fur bag by Floozie - doesn't she look adorable?! ;-;
I'm not sure what style I went for to be honest, it was a last minute coord!
Wig - Syndrome // Hair accessory - Halo-momoko eBay // Jumper - H&M // Skirt - Bodyline // Faux fur boots - eBay // Heart bag - Spreepicky // Coat - Liz Lisa.
We mainly visited everyone's shops again and have a very quick mooch around. I think Hyper Japan is much better for Japanese fashion where as MCM is more for cosplay, comics and animation. I am pretty sad we missed the fashion show which was on earlier in the day! ;-; 
Ida  //   Wai-Yi   //   Michelle 
Sweet Lolita   //  Sarah   //   Veronica - MoonBunny 
Seriously check the Moon Bunny link! They are a Russian based independent company and all items are handmade and mega adorable. Shipping from Russia to the UK is quite expensive so I was really pleased to see they came to Hyper Japan.
Excuse my really scabby nails, but I purchased this ring by Roxie Sweetheart, its so sparkly *-* I always seem to collect rings from Michelle xD. Then I just had to buy something from Moon bunny, I couldn't resist! Also as I got back to Liverpool Street I noticed they have a waffle shop now, I'm going to get so fat >:)
It was pretty rushed but I am glad I got there, I had been feeling quite down the weeks beforehand and it was just what I needed to get dressed up and buy pretty things *3*
And here are all my buys!
 Rabbit star pin - Moon Bunny // Floral headdress - Dreamy bows // Mamegoma keychain // Heart gem ring - Roxie Sweetheart.

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