Monday, 20 January 2014

Shopping spree ( ノ ︶∀︶) ノ ´¯`•• .¸¸.•´

So, I always complain about being broke and this is the reason why...
I can't stay away from sales pages on facebook! T____T But anyway here is what I bought~
Pink Fur boots - eBay // Black and pink cardigan - Yumetenbo
Black and pink fleecy cardigan from Yumetenbo, its really soft and warm!!
I also bought some items on ebay like these flat hime boots with giant pink bows on the back. They have fur lined inside the entire boot as well which makes them even more cosier :3 

 Then I spoiled myself slightly in Claires :3. In the Hatfield store (I'm not sure if this applies to everywhere, sorry!) they have an offer for ten items for £10 excluding branded items (moshi monsters, Hello kitty, one direction items etc.) A lot of things were on fixtures for 50p as well so I managed to find some cute items I can work into my outfits! :)
 Silver & Lavender make-up bag // Fuchsia garter // Pink lace gloves // Lace wristcuffs
Macaroon necklace & earrings // Pink lace choker // Deco nails // Wristcuffs above that I customised
Aren't those deco nails amazing?! The original retail price was £16 and I got them for £1. YAS. I think they'll be perfect for Gal especially Agejo.
The lace gloves also look perfect for Shironuri although they are slightly big for my hands.
I also made this bag from a cheap bag on ebay ! :3 Although on close inspection I found the exact same bag by La pafait that I am sure they have ended up charging twice the amount it cost me to make this.

If you check this Video by Sui Princess you can see in the third outfit how this bag is pretty much the exact same. Even the lining and the zipper in the middle! 
 I also got this cute Tralala top on facebook sales for £8 :3 I love the little bow hanging in the middle and it fits me really well 
I also had this dress laying in my wardrobe for two years and I hardly wore it because I found it very plain so after being inspired by La parfait I added pink bows and lace on the top and bottom of the dress. (Well actually Motherkins sewed on the lace because the sewing machine and I do not co-operate well with each other XD).
But anyway, I feel like I have a whole new dress that cost me like £3! I am also planning on adding another layer of lace and two bows on the bottom :))
I also have a new half wig by Prisila which I am wearing in the photo and here is my dress before I sewed on the mini bows :33.
That's all for now, I'm planning on getting a new Lolita dress and Skirt from Bodyline on Friday as well! ^^


  1. Such amazing gets jealous! You look really cute in the last pic <3

    1. Thank you! I felt so happy finding all these items haha :DD oh dear god no my make up smudged so much that day I had to put a heart on my face XD but thank you anyways! ^^