Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Shopping spree No.2

Heyyy. here's another haul since I'm getting addicted to Facebook sale pages. First up I found this dress that I had my eye on from Bodyline which was from UK Lolita Facebook sales :). In total it cost me £25 including shipping and I'm really glad I got it when I did - it sold out on the website not long afterwards. Usually the length is tricky for me when purchasing Lolita but I took a chance and it is perfect 
Bodyline L329 JSK in Pink

 I will post more photos of the details on the dress, because the lace and ruffles along the bottom are so adorable ;3;. This image is so pink it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside -3-

Bodyline L245 skirt in pink
Also from Bodyline is this pink Hime style skirt which took a while to get here but that's fine because I didn't get any custom fee's - yaaaay! Sorry I didn't iron it before I took the photo!The material is comfortable but the only issue I have is the chiffon is a little see-through but I was planning on putting a petti underneath anyways ^^. Although when I tried it on I had black underwear on which obviously looked so sexy~

Cream petticoat 
Here is a skirt/small petticoat I got as a gift which was on sale in Camden, it has bows and pearls on :3
Brown fur jacket 
Also from the same store in Camden was this faux fur jacket which I think would co-ordinate well with Liz Lisa and classical Lolita.

Pink Bow Bolero
I was browsing some La Pafait cardigans on Mbok but I still found them expensive for secondhand items so I had a go at customising myself. I regret my choice of bolero because I didn't bother checking the material first. It was hard to sew on but after adding the lace and some bows I came to like it. Its handy for the summer so I'm going to be keeping it :) 
Floral photo frame - The Works
I originally went to get art supplies but I found this frame for £1.99 and I'm excited to fill it with cheesy photos. It goes very well with the decor in my room and also reminds me of Hime Gyaru :3
My Melody ring // Handmade Chocomint ring // Handmade wrists cuffs // Teddy keyring
Its pretty cliché for Hime Gyaru's to own everything to do with My Melody, but she is a very adorable character so I bought a ring in China Town, made my own chocomint inspired ring (I'm too lazy to wait for MCM), Wristcuffs from Claires which were only in white. Therefore, I coloured them in with a sharpie and decorated it to match my Fantastic Dolly dress. Yup. Sharpie. Pen. Then lastly, I purchased a teddy bear keyring in Camden and its so soft ;-;.
Oh almost forgot! I got bored at 4am and decided to decorate this cute denim bag I've had for ages from Yumi. I was inspired by La pafait :) 

Thanks for reading, byeeee~


  1. All so great again ToT I keep wanting to buy things ahahah <3 Can't wait to see you wear it all!

  2. Thank you Amelie! :D
    Ah its so tempting to just collect errrrrry'thang xD

  3. your crafting looks so good! esp the bag omg legit would expect that in a shop.

    1. Aw thank you, that means a lot! :D I am going to be making some of those bags upon request if you are interested ^^. There's all different colours you can chose from