Monday, 24 February 2014

Gyaru Meet 22/2/2014

On 22/2/2014 we had a Valentines Gyaru meet in Leicester square and for once we had nice weather! It was a surprise and I definitely didn't need the huge coat that I wore ;A; 

When I arrived I managed to get some outfit shots of everyone that was already waiting. Here are some shameless selfies from the morning of my make-up ^^. I'm really proud of what I achieved with this look and I wish it stayed this way all day long.

I decided to wear a Rilakkuma and My melody ring and also my large handmade bow ring which I managed to lose the next day ... ;^;. This coat really makes me feel like Barbie and it only cost £16 on my Unfortunately I had to get it altered because the length was too long so it ended up costing £36 in total.

Anyway! I arrived at Leicester Square and I took some outfit shots. I feel like we should showcase our entire outfits more often on meet-ups because its good to inspire each other and other Gal's first getting into the fashion ^^

Sarah - Rokku Style

First up is Sarah wearing her hand-made Glavil inspired hoody. It was really soft in person and very well done. Plus Sarah's hair is always immaculate and perfect - jealous ;-;
Necklace - Glavil
Hoody - Handmade
Skirt - MA*RS
Leg warmers - D.I.A
Belt - DreamV
Tights - Offbrand
Heels - Iron fist 

Jess - Manba // Lorraine - Manba
I really wish I was brave enough to attempt this style!

    Jess                                                                           Lorraine
    Jacket: Alba Rosa                                                       Jacket: Alba Rosa

    School Uniform: eBay                                                 Dress: Cyberdog

    Wig: eBay                                                                  Wig: Cosplay sales on Facebook

    Socks: eBay                                                               Trainers: Jeremy Scott 
    Shoes: Vans
Wai-Yi - Agejo // Miki - Gyaru Kei

    Wai-Yi                                                                        Miki
    Dress, necklace, bag, anklet: MA*RS                           Dress: Secondhand
    Boots: eBay                                                               Cardigan: Primark   
    Headbow: La pafait                                                    
Socks : Primark

    Wig: Geisha wigs                                                       Shoes: Cute to the core

                                                                                    Accessories: New Look

Amélie - Rokku // Michelle - Rokku
Look at all the fabulous leopard print *3*

   Amélie                                                                        Michelle

   Dress and jacket: Superlovers                                     Babydoll - Glavil
   Accessories: Tutuha                                                   Cardigan - Banned apparel

   Tights: Offbrand                                                         Tights - ASOS

                                                                                    Necklace - Vivienne Westwood

                                                                                    Bag - Irregular choice
                                                                                    Shoes - ASOS
                                              Hair clips - Roxie SweetheartChewiee - Agejo

Chewiee wearing MA*RS, I love the details on the back of her outfit! This was my first time meeting Chewiee and she's a lovely little ball of cuteness and defo a huge Gal inspiration <3

Letitia - Hime Kaji // Me - Hime Kaji

    Letitia                                                                            Me

    Dress - Dreamy Bows                                                     Cardigan - eBay & Customised

    Heart Heels - DreamV                                                     Top - Tralala

    Bag - My Melody x Liz lisa                                                Skirt - Camden & customised

    Accessories - Dreamy Bows                                             Bags - Yumi & customised
                                                                                          Tights & boots - eBay
                                    Bow - BodylineRee'Ay - Street Style // Ida - Fairy Kei

Ida and Ree'Ay looking super cute and colourful!
   Ree'ay                                                                            Ida
   Jacket - Criminal Damage                                                Wig - Gothic Lolita Wigs (GLW)
   Dress - Primark                                                               Necklace - Candy Geisha
   Jumper - Mr Gugu & Miss Go                                           Bracelets - Handmade
   Shoes - Converse all star                                                 T shirt - Primark 
   Wig & accessories - eBay                                                 Skirt - Rockinghorse
                                                                                         Tights - Topshop
                                                                                         Shoes - Dr Martens maryjanes
                                                                                         Bag - Peacocks

Lauren - Hime Gyaru // Emmie - Street style


    Blouse - Yumetenbo

    Dress - Princess melody

    Shoes - La pafait
    Bow - La pafait
    Tights - Quantum madness

Wai-Yi // Caitlin // Ree'Ay // Amélie // Lorraine // Lauren // Me // Letitia // Michelle // Ida // Jess
Ida // Chewiee // Michelle // Letitia // Lauren // Me // Sarah // Lorraine // Amélie // Ree'Ay
After we stood around being fabulous we headed to Boba Jam for some bubble tea. I got Mango green tea with Strawberry popping pearls. Its my favourite one <3 Then we headed to a Japanese restaurant near Shaftesbury Theatre where I ordered Pork katsu curry with rice which is so predictable - I just live on katsu curry. 
Letitia // MeMe // Lauren
Ida // Sarah // Jess // Masahiro // Miki // Lauren // Caitlin
After that we did Purikura and I was with Sarah, Lauren, Letitia and Miki. I only did one puri because its SO DAMN HOT in there. There's about three or four machines running and the heat ends up making the building feel like a sauna.
There was a pink afro wig inside the purikura machine, so you know, naturally I had to try it on even though it looked so old like it could be infested with fleas. 
I hung around for a little while but I was dying from the heat so I left a little while afterwards. It was a lovely meet where so many people turned up and were all so lovely and friendly ;3;.
I'm super excited for the next J fashion meet where hopefully I'll be wearing Lolita >3< so a big thank you to Amélie and Marie for organising a great meet up!


  1. It was great meeting you at last, and you looked sooo cute :3 Absolutely loved your coord :)

    1. It was great meeting you too!! :D hope you had a good day
      Ahaha thank you, I loved yours too, defo want to try out manba!