Friday, 17 January 2014

Brighton Japanese Festival

On the holidays I visited Brighton for the Japanese festival hosted by Popi Atom - manager at Cyberdog Brighton. I completely forgot to write a blog post on it it is!
I went with Lauren and we set off from London Victoria really early. We grabbed ourselves a McDonald's breakfast and headed off to Brighton!
Lauren on the train looking srs. 
After two hours we arrived and got completely lost for an hour and ended up in Hove which was uhhh..Kind of my fault haha. We walked past the Taj-Mahal-looking-art-gallery-type-building along the way which is just before we go so horribly lost. I think the festival was literally just on the next road from this building...oops hehe. Well I know for next time and we got to the festival in the end!

When we reached the festival I met up with my old school friend Alex who I haven't seen in such a long time! It was great meeting up, he was one of my close friends in year 10/11 and he's so freaking tall (he's 6ft5"). I was the shortest and he was the tallest in our year at school, we looked really odd walking around together. I also met up with my friend Richard that I met in the summer of 2012 at the ScReW gig :)!
It was quite a small festival which I thought it would be as I've been to Brighton festival back when I was 16/17 and that was with Alex as well. I got myself some vegetarian sushi as I don't eat seafood because I was starved by the time we arrived and also had a long chat with Roxie Sweetheart as she had hired a stall for the event :D.
This is the ring I bought from Roxie Sweetheart because I absolutely adore Korillakuma :3 -please excuse my randomly wrinkley and yellow looking hand haha I get dry skin sometimes :c. I also finally got to wear my deco nails I bought from Tofu cute at MCM expo :D. They were a bitch to get off though.
Anyway we heard there was going to be a fashion show and Popi had introduced herself to us and convinced us (well convinced me more than Lauren as she was already up for doing it haha) to enter the fashion show. I got all dressed up so I thought why not? Although I wanted to walk up there with Lauren rather than alone haha.

So we waited and derped around a little bit in the Maids of England tent which is a maid Café in London that I still have yet to visit! >  >

Yeah we derped hard.
I'm just going to leave this image here....
We found it on all the tables in the café hahaha and I may or may not have taken it home with me...

When the shows started first up was Maids of England. Two maids did an Otaku dance...the song I don't know or remember and the Butler did a cover of Taeyang's - Wedding dress

Next was the Cyberdog fashion show which was sponsored by Roxie Sweetheart and Kiss Me Kill Me.
After that ended, we were up!! I was really nervous for some reason, even though the stage was very small and there wasn't a large audience I just have this fear that I'll fall off and break my neck haha.
There's me and Lauren in the left hand corner next to Roxie  where we had to introduce our names and the style we were wearing :)
Then we had to individually go down the cat walk and have photo's taken at the end, I walked with Lauren because I'm a wuss haha. Here are some photo's that Alex and Richard took :)

Us with Amélie and Popi Atom after the fashion show
A few minutes after the show was finished Popi approached me and said I won the fashion show which I was really surprised about. I won £40 worth of Cyberdog gift vouchers, Roxie sweetheart earrings, bracelet, ring and a Kiss me Kill me belt. Since I walked up with Lauren I halved the prize with her as we agreed before they announced who won :).
It was a great day but really exhausting as well. 
Bye Bye

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