Friday, 6 September 2013

Trying out Gyaru~!

Recently I've really been getting into Gyaru and I want to experiment more with different styles in Gyaru. At the moment I've just been putting outfits together with the clothes already in my wardrobe. First of all I wanted to try Hime Lolita as I don't wear this dress often even though its my number one favourite in my entire wardrobe ;3;
Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly JSK Replica - DOL
Pink Cutsew - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Hime Gyaru Shoes - Handmade
Hime Gyaru Ring - Handmade
Caramel Wig - Bodyline
Black and Pink Bow Bracelet - Handmade
Purple Petticoat - Refuse to Be Usual on ebay
 The accessories above are also handmade
I forgot to wear the bag in the photograph! This is one of my favourite bags ^^. Its so adorable and has roses made in chiffon material. I bought this in Yumi which was on sale for £10 (:
I really wish I bought the one in light pink T__T
Hime Kaji Coord
Lace Cardigan - Camden
Pink Cutsew - BTSSB
Floral Skirt -  BonBon21 on Taobao
Pink Bow Heels - Camden
Floral Cat ears - Handmade
Giant bow bracelet - Handmade
Princess pearl Bracelet - Present
Hime Kaji 2 Coord
White Lace Sailor Under dress - ebay
Denim Under bust dress - Camden
Floral Sandals - ebay
Denim bow handbag - Yumi
Wig - ebay
Rose Necklace - Accessorize
Princess Bow - Handmade 
Winter Hime Gyaru Coord
Hmm I'm not too sure about this one as I just think pairing Knee high socks with a skirt/dress looks strange in the cold weather. Its like, are you hot or cold? Why expose just a part of your thigh? So I think I would change the socks to thick white tights and maybe put boots underneath the fluffy leg warmers. Sadly I don't own any ;A;. My leg warmers need a wash too xD
Pink Poncho - Camden
White Dress - ebay
Fluffy Ivory shorts - Liz Lisa
Socks - Primark
Leg warmers - ebay
Shoes - Handmade
Ring - Handmade
Princess Melody inspired head bow - Handmade
How amazing is this giant bow scarf? Ffffffff- its by Swimmer which I managed to buy at Pixie Bunny's stall at Hyper Japan. Ah I'm in love 
MA*RS inspired winter Coord 
I don't know what's up with my mouth in that picture xD
Hot pink Fluffy skirt - Camden (Angel Pretty, which is no longer there anymore :c)

Black Stockings - H&M (Yes I know I'm supposed to put a suspender belt on to hold up the stockings, I forgot haha)

Hot Pink Wedges - Office

Hot pink brooch attached to the Jumper - Handmade

Ring  - Handmade

Fluffy Beret - Yumi (attached the Silver cross myself)

Pink and black bow Bracelet - Handmade
Polka dot Jumper - ebay
Close up of the accessories
Hime Gyaru Coord
Pink Bow Dress - ebay
Rose Bracelet - Handmade
Choker - Handmade
Hime Gyaru beaded extension bow - Handmade
Hime Gyaru Coord 2
White Lace Bow - Primark
Giant Rose - H&M
Mini Lace bows - Gift from my Korean Penpal Hyun (:
Mini bow bracelet - Hyper Japan  
I have close ups of the accessories that I've made as well :)

If you have any tips/advice/suggestions please comment below :)
 Thanks for reading!
Bye Bye
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  1. i like the pink x black coord, so cute :33 ~

    1. Thank you! I'm really loving that colour combination lately ! (:

  2. Hnnnghh, what are the green lenses you're wearing?

    1. Those are Geo Princess Mimi in apple green (bambi series) :)
      I love those lenses so much!! I need to buy a new pair though as their year wear has run out and they hurt my eyes now :c

  3. !!! So cute! I love your outfits! /.\

  4. Your selfmade accessories are so cute. You're very talended.