Thursday, 24 October 2013

Life update - 3rd Year

Hello everybody! I haven't made a post for a while now and I want to share with you what I've been up to lately since starting my third year of University. Other than trying to get started on my dissertation (and failing miserably) I visited London for galleries with my friend Heba who's also on my course. I went on a Monday and you would have thought I'd have remembered galleries are shut on Mondays after being an art student for nearly 8 years!! But no, we went anyway - it was a complete face palm moment.
I don't know what it is about visiting London but it always makes me want to dress up so I did Hime Gyaru...again.
I am wearing one of my handmade bows, half wig from buychina, faux fur collar from ebay and my pink hime coat from
I also joined a group on facebook called "goodbye wardrobe clothing swap" where people sell old items for a closet clean out which is mainly offbrand Japanese influenced clothes. A lot of the items on there are super cheap and there are few brand labels on there :))
Anyway I scrolled through most of the feed and found one member selling a giant Rilakkuma for £20!! She works in Artbox where I picked him up and he is not currently on my bed with my collection of cushions and other plushies :3 haha I'm in love <3
Since we went on Monday we had to go to Yo! Sushi for blue mondays where many dishes are reduced to £2.45 each...or something in that price range.
I had more than just this chicken ISO but I was too hungry to photograph everything else and I just want to eat!
I also had chicken katsu curry, tamago nigiri and I also ordered duck gyoza but I really didn't like it. I took one bite and left it haha I much prefer the chicken gyoza :3
I was going to have dorayaki afterwards but my stomach was actually in pain. I ate way too fast and had a food baby for the rest of the day 8( so instead I had crepes when I got to Camden :3
We took a stroll through Hyde Park because Serpentine gallery is located there - but obviously it was shut and my feet were killing me so much. Anyway this part looked really picturesque and lovely ^^ so I got some shots of my outfit.
Then lastly we headed to Cyberdog in Camden town as I had a voucher that I won from the Japan Brighton festival fashion show. I bought the playsuit in the right image, its super tight and I can imagine taller people getting a proper camel toe in this haha yay for shortness! ;D
I can't wait to wear it out seriously ;o;. The image on the left is what I was wearing that day underneath my coat :)). 
Lingerie Dress - H&M sale
Bow top: DreamV
Frilly lace top - Miss Selfridge
  Tights - Taobao
 Leg warmers - ebayShoes - Gift
We got back to Hatfield around 8 and we're planning to go again to actually visit galleries next time!
Song of the day:
WA$$UP - Hotter than a summer

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