Sunday, 18 August 2013

Items I've made for my shop ^3^

To purchase/request any items please head over to my Facebook page here and send me a message ^^
First up is a requested Hime Gyaru bow from Lauren with a beaded extension (also check out her storenvy). I made this as a thank you gift and gained some interest and more requests
Next is another requested Hime Bow in pink
I was then contacted to make one in a blue colour way in a larger size ^^ its probably the most extravagant bow I've made so far
Next is a Rokku Style black bow which was also requested by Shellei who runs i-dollsuk, go get your circle lenses while the summer sale is on!
It turned out larger than intended, although I think it looks better this size
 The bows below were not requested, however I thought it'd be good to make a batch of bows ready to sell :)
Fairy Kei rain-bow
 Cinnamoroll Bow
 HimeKaji Princess bow
These two have recently been added as well :))
Creepy cute Eyeball bow
 Lavender and pink dribbles bow

Song of the day:
The Farthest - DELUHI


  1. Those bows are super cute! You are so pretty and i love your blog! (:

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them :)) they're so fun to make
      Aw thank you ^^ You are a gorgeous lady yourself! xo