Sunday, 18 August 2013

Collection of outfits

Sweet Lolita Cord
 Dress - SaiSai (Gothic Lolita and Punk), Camden
Blouse - Miss Selfridge
Socks - MCM Expo
Floral Headdress - Handmade
 Wig - ebay

 Cult party Kei 1

Dress - Camden
Peignoir (originally a dress that I cut in half) -

Waistbelt - Camden, then customised myself

Chocomint Crown Necklace - MCM expo, tofu cute
Beaded cross necklace - Topshop
 Headband - Handmade

 Hime Gyaru

Top - Gyaru Sales, originally from DreamV on Rakuten
Floral Skirt - BonBon21 taobao
Cardigan - Hyper Japan
Shoes - ebay and customised myself
Choker - Handmade
Hime Bow - Handmade
Wig - Bodyline

 Cult Party Kei 2
(sorry for the terrible photo, I took it in bad lighting)
 Blue Blouse - Miss Selfridge
Pink lingerie dress - H&M
Bow - Bodyline
Underskirt - Bodyline 

Cult Party Kei 3
Sorry this one was taken in the changing rooms before I bought it! I haven't worn it yet, and no that's not my underwear xD its a body/swim suit style-thing that I'm wearing underneath
Body Suit - Miss Selfridge (It reminds me of creamy mami :3)
Sheer night slip - Beyond Retro, Brick Lane (I'm going to change the red ribbon to pink since I think it'll suit my wardrobe better)
Stockings - ebay 

Vintage floral outfit 
Top - Topshop
Peignoir - Vanilla, Camden

Skirt - Repulic

Alice in wonderland tattoo Tights - ebay
Waistbelt - Camden
Wig - ebay
Floral Headress - Primark

I also finally bought some suspender belts from H&M and they are so adorable ;3;
Got two pairs, white and black~

Song of the day:
EXO-K - Growl
Bye Bye

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