Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holidays so far

I feel like I haven't really done much compared to last summer, although last year I had a weekend job, this year I'm broke as OTL. Since my job hunting didn't go too well, I've resorted to using savings and selling some old clothes and making some pieces to get some money (:
Anyway first up! I took a trip to Walten-on-the-Naze and hired out a beach hut for the day with My family and Lindsey's famo. Here's a photo of my beautimous bikini that I bought from Debenhams just before the holidays started. Cost me a lot but hey, I'll never have to buy another one ever again :3 
Anyway, this is the beach hut we stayed in, it was much nicer on the inside xD the outside looks like a group of Nursery kids painted the front. Who would choose a colour combination of maroon and blue? It looks vile ugh what is dis.
I don't know what's going on in this photo, Lindsey and I have lost our feet to quick sand and... Jamie needs to re-evaluate what he is doing with his life 
We spent most of the day drawing boobies and penis's into the sand, doing cartwheels, handstands and burying each others feet. Here's me cartwheeling across the beach. Weeee~ My inner gymnast is coming out

Next up - Hyper Japan! WhichDidn'tActuallyHappen
I planned my outfit the night before, which is not like me at all, I'm usually on dat shit months in advance but I originally was doing Shironuri but recently we've had really good sweaty, humid weather (woo for tha sweatz~) and I was worried my make-up would run. So last minute I decided to do Cult Party Kei even though that's all I've been wearing all summer since its too hot for anything else at the moment.
Here is le outfit for Hyper Japan ~
I love my Peignoir so much ^3^ I bought it on etsy and was shipped from a seller in America who collects vintage items. Even though its made from chiffon material I was roasting on the train and the stockings were uncomfortable because of the heat. So halfway through the day I ended up taking them off xD
Anyways, I met my bruv Steven at the station and headed to Earls court and I completely forgot to tell Steven to pre-book his ticket. So we queued up to buy a ticket and I noticed another queue for people with tickets which we'd have to join...I literally could not see the end of the queue, that's how packed Hyper Japan was on the Saturday. We were starving and wanted some Yo! Sushi and ended up ditching Hyper Japan altogether and went around Hyde Park instead :)

Hahaha omg so kawaii uguuu~
Then we made our way to Hyde park and came across this little market near Picadilly circus. One stall was selling old fashioned Russian toys and we we found this...
I found this adorable fleece blanket in the Japan Centre and it was on sale! Sooo yeah. I had to buy it u.u
I gave my old fleece blanket to my cat since she always slept on it. I put it in her bed and does she use it? No, she ends up waltzing in my room and steals this one instead :c
Although it was roasting earlier in the day it decided to rain around 5ish. Neither of us had umbrella's or hoods (damn! You should always be prepared in England no matter what) so we used a make-shift shelter. Steven stayed at a friends the night before and had a sleeping bag and...taa daaa we were shielded from the rain...walking around Hyde the middle of the day..with a sleeping bag on top of our heads :3
Superman dat hoe.
Lastly, we went for a boat ride on the river although it was £10 each! I thought that was the price of the boat hire so it'd be £5 each but nooo - £10 per person for half an hour! Farrrk. But you know, yolo.
Steven thought it be an amazing idea to hire a rowing boat instead of a peddle boat even though I have never rowed anything in my life. Needless to say it was the biggest fail and I have video footage to prove it! XD
So I sat while Steven did all the hard work because we literally did not move when I tried XD its harder than it looks! 
Bare selfies xox
Here's me trying to row one side of the boat, the Oar didn't even go in the water half the time, it just skimmed the surface.
Some Hipstery artistic view shots. I should add captions to these...

This bit here are just random photos I've taken when I find clothes I really like that don't fit me.
The first image is a denim dress from topshop, it was too long for me (I rolled it up in the photo), the boobs were slightly too big - there was no grip on them either so it'd fall down and it was tight on my tummy haha. I really wanted it though :c
The second image is an asymmetrical white skirt from Miss Selfridge, I felt like a princess wearing it but it dragged on the floor and it wasn't sold in the petite range either grrr ¬¬
I bought the top though which I love ^^  
Here's me at my friend's 19th, taking selfies in the bathroom. I actually take better photos when I am pissed out of my head...I walk better in heels too. I was very drunk in that photo, so drunk that I fell ill and ended up spending £31 for a 20 minute taxi ride back home. FML.
The next image is what I wore to my Uncle's BBQ and I had my family from Italy visiting ^^

Lastly, here's my song of the day:

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