Saturday, 10 August 2013

Things I've made recently

What's up everyone? I wanted to show some pieces I've made recently (:
First up is a blue floral headband which is currently for sale here, simply message me if you're interested ^^
It is a pale pink headband covered with white lace, false lillies, peonies, roses and pearls - also, I've really missed wearing lolita!! ;; But I feel uncomfortable and concious wearing it out in public unless I am going to an event 

Next I took this old bow I made which originally was on a bag. I attached the pearls and the teddy bear in the centre. Its a little too big on this type of wig. It would look much better on the bouffant Hime Gyaru hair style (:
This isn't for sale since its not made very well because of what it originally was for I didn't care much for the appearance on the back of the bow. So I'd feel bad selling something that's not neatly and precisely made.
Next is a pink and cream floral headband which has become my favourite headband ;3; this is not currently for sale as I love it too much! It is made of roses, pearls and lace ^^

And here are some other shots that I liked (:

Song of the day: Nicki Minaj - Whip it 


  1. I love those floral headbands you've made! I've been looking for some decent quality flowers to make my own one to match a dress I recently bought but I'm having no such luck.. where do you recommend I begin?

    1. Well I found these flowers in a basket at a boot sale! But I would suggest going to HobbyCraft (if you're in the UK) since they are realistic looking (:
      You could always try ebay or a cheap store like poundland which usually has bunches of fake flowers ^^.
      Good luck!

  2. I love all those beautiful pieces that you made and I can't wait to get mine from you :) You're so talented at making them it's amazing!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much! ^^
      I can't wait to make yours either, I'll wait for your message on Tuesday and hopefully I can get crafting!