Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Recent Purchases

Someone help me, I've been on a huge spree lately and I'm not sure how to stop
But I bought some really cute items so its all okay ^^ first up though, I'm going to do an OOTD

Headband - Primark £3
Blouse - Camden £29.99
Floral skirt - Taobao BonBon21 (can't remember the price)
Knee high socks - Primark £2
Shoes - Christmas gift :)
Wig - ebay £17
Princess mimi Green Lenses - Iwantcute.com £16
 Annnnnyway, I visited Lakeside purely for Yo! Sushi ;) then headed straight to Primark and found this adorable headband for £3 :D I thought it'd be perfect for Gyaru style. The bow is a thick beige lace which I've now decorated :D
Then I found this Nautical themed bracelet for £2 which is perfect for my Mermaid Cosplay ^^  

...Okay don't laugh I found these beauties in the Kids section XD

They were too adorable not to buy!! Plus at £7 I couldn't go wrong ;D
Although kids sizes are weird, the waist is huge on me, yet tight on my thighs - Maybe I just got too much junk in the trunk. Ah well it still fits well plus I have an ice cream boob tube to match ^^

Next were these floral Lace corset tops, the item on the left is from Primark and the right image is from Miss Selfridge. I absolutely adore Miss Selfridge's Summer line, the chiffon maxi skirts and corset tops are beautifuulllll I tell ye!
Although there is an obvious difference in price, the Primark top I bought for £6, the Miss Selfridge top however, was £27 ...£25 with student discount.

Lastly from Primark was this studded collar chain and badges for £1.50 in the men's section.
Below are Some accessories from  Miss Selfridge (Headband and the bracelet) which were both on sale for £2 with have pink roses on. The cat bell choker underneath is from Taobao from a store called Unicorn shop...I think that's the name

Primark Sunglasses - £3 which  I then decorated myself
Last Monday I visited Camden limiting myself to spend just £40...lets say that went out the window the minute I entered the first shop
I got this for something likkkeee £25.99 from this little hidden shop near Cyberdog. The lady who run the shop was super sweet from Italy and we (Heba and I) spent an hour in her shop while she dressed us up like dolls XD. From the same shop I bought the skirt below which originally was £18 but was given to me for £15
I'm really obsessed with chiffon material in cream with cute embroidery. I've been inspired by Cult party Kei lately and really want to try the still out for this summer if it will ever arrive

 I bought these items in a store called "Vanilla" where the over dress cost £35 and the Maxi skirt was about £30.99. Hehe the maxi skirt is actually supposed to be three quarter length but I'm so short it reaches to the floor on me :3.
And here are images of me trying the clothes on

Maxi skirt (I am taking the underskirt up so its shorter and shows more of my leg through the embroidery)

Mini Embroidery skirt
(My Cats Bum in the background)

Chiffon over coat

Frilly jacket
Oh I also bought this skirt on ebay for £3 :P

Ice cream shorts, looking hot in my sunglasses.
Here's an image of my floaty corset top from Miss Selfridge which isn't shown very clearly :c but hey, I tried on perfect white buffalo towers!! Ffffff - 
Song of the Day: Freeeeze!! (Zoltank ver.) - Aural Vampire


  1. Everything is so lovely! I especially love your skirt on the first picture, the shorts and the corset-ish top :D

  2. Great haul, I really like the lace vest/cardi :)