Saturday, 8 June 2013

Avenged Sevenfold 01-12-2013

On the 1st December 2013 I will finally be seeing Avenged Sevenfold live at Wembly Arena!
I've been waiting for nearly 6 years to see these beautiful people ;___; although I will never see the most crazy and talented drummer - Jimmy Sullivan (aka The Rev) - because of his passing on 28th December 2009. That's not to say I can't wait to see the beautifulness that is M.Shadows, Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ and Zacky Vengance

Weeeeeeeee~! I'm so freakin' excited!!
 Since I nearly died from suffocation standing in Wembly arena at Big Bang - and those were just screaming fan girls - I decided standing in a pit of sweaty 6ft male metal heads wouldn't be the best idea for an easily breakable 4ft 9" girl who probably wont see a thing anyway. So my friend and I booked seats in the area closest to the stage :3 I've already started outfit planning because I'm lame and since its in December I want to be fairly warm, yet cool for when I get inside.

I'm definitely wearing my A7X t shirt which I bought in Camden when I was about 14 XD since then I've cut off the sleeves so I can wear a bandeau underneath :3. Also the sleeves just looked masculine.

Showing ur pritty bra's 2k13!
That's the only outfit I've put together so far that I really liked, although it still seems pretty bland. Idk.

And here's the beautiful people themselves I will be seeing! Minus Jimmy :/ (Second on the left)

I much prefer photos of Avenged showing their dorky/drunk selves rather than their hardcore, "so-srs" poser images. They're all naturally crazy and adorable :3

And now here's a video from their Live in the LBC DVD of the song that started it all off ¦3  

Enjoy babycakes!


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