Sunday, 19 May 2013

MCM Expo - Mermaid Make-up test

So I'm going as a Mermaid for MCM Expo next week and decided to do a make-up test ^^
I followed this 
Mermaid Make-up tutorial because I adored the colour combination of mint green and purple and here is the end result :P

I tried to create fish scales by placing fish net tights over my face and dabbing eyeshadow through the holes, although the holes on my tights were too large xD so it looks a little lame and unrealistic.
Here are my purple eyebrows which wont really be seen under the fringe anyway :c - I just wanted to have pretty purple hairz above mai eyez
Then I decided to put the whole Cosplay together which I wont post on here until after MCM (:
Here is a list of products I used, however, since I am not a make-up artist I am not recommending the products I used as I am sure there are many better brands to use to achieve this look. (Although I am recommending the BB cream, its brilliant!):

Missha BB cream No. 21
Collection 2000 powder 18 Ivory
Accessorize - Mia Shade 4, Sofia shade 2, Fuchsia, Navy, Gold and white from multi tonal eyeshadow palette
Rimmel London 005 lip liner
Diamond lashes (Purple edition, sorry I can't read the name of the lashes since the packaging is in Japanese)
Kiko Aqua blue eyeliner 606
L'oreal Paris Superliner intense black
2true white eyeliner pencil
Collection 2000 Super Size Black mascara
Maybelline New York 10 hour crimson tint gloss
Accessorize Primer
Barry M Lavender Super soft eye crayon No.5
Venus Eye Aqua lenses
I had a lot of fun creating this make-up and I'm even more psyched for MCM next week!!

Song of the day: BLOCK B - LOL


  1. really beautiful, and it suits you very well :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank youuuu (': you're really beautiful too and I love your blog!!