Monday, 30 July 2012

Wearing my Fantastic dolly dress! :D

 See the little bow in the middle? It was from my lovely Korean penpal - Hyun. She sent a pair of adorable hair clips to me :)).
 The dress Fits me much better now! Also I got a new wig from ebay for like £17!! I originally bought it to do a CL cosplay in October from 2NE1's 'follow me' video :) but yeah...I wanted to wear it today xD.
I felt like trying a sort of...lolita-gyaru look today :D and my lenses match my dress~
Seriously I can't believe how much make-up I had to put on today. My skin has gone mad and had a sudden outbreak of horrid spots (feel like I'm 14 again D;). I decided to research some decent skin products (tried everything when I was younger and only the pill cleared it up - now the pill is failing) and I used my facial mask by  'Kiss Me Heroine make' and there wasn't much difference, some of the redness went down - but it felt so good on my face! 
Since the brand is so expensive for a large pack I was looking on my friend Jayde's blogspot: 

And she recommended: 
 Etude House: 'Daily mask skin Yeast + Vitamin C
There are three scents in total but I didn't really know what the other two scents were, and the yeast part made me laugh...don't you think yeast is a funny word? No? Just me...bahaha yeast.
I ordered it from 'cosmetic loves' on ebay: 
Cosmetic Loves originally I was looking for some more BB cream and I came across 'cosmetic loves' and remembered Jayde's post and decided to sort my skin out! x)

They also have free shipping and free samples! I can't wait until it arrives :3
And I hope that the face masks work ;A;

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