Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Rilakkuma Kigu arrived!

After a 6 weeks wait it finally arrived when I got home from work, it was a pleasant surprise 

I purchased this kigu from ebay:  Rilakkuma Kigu
There are many selections for you to chose from, and other than the super long wait it really is worth the money. (It took longer to get here because: one, it was shipped from China and two, the Olympics delayed the delivery as well.)
This was the cheapest Kigu I could find and the quality is great!
It feels like a full-body dressing gown and its adorable :3
It also has pockets but they are too low on me to reach naturally, I have to stretch my arms XD

Also, unlike the adult baby-grows in Primark it does not have extra material for the feet so it means I can fit into it even if it is still slightly long for my short ass-ness :3

 So yeah... I'm slightly obsessed with Rilakkuma right now 

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