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DOL review - Fantastic Dolly in Lavender

Okay, so I'd like to mention here that before purchasing from websites like DOL where dresses are handmade I do a lot of research by reading up a lot of reviews from different people. Having experienced receiving a handmade dress that looked nothing like its image for my prom before, I like to make sure it will not be a waste of money or a fix.
I had read many mixed reviews from DOL, most were positive, however there were a few customers who mentioned their items had turned up looking unfinished, uneven, not as they described and one person experienced mould on their dress! 
However, I mainly researched the dress I was purchasing myself which was Angelic Pretty's - Fantastic Dolly in Lavender and they all had decent reviews so I went ahead with it. The image of the dress on their website is pictured below:
The main reason I wanted to buy from somewhere like DOL instead of Angelic pretty itself is because I am 4ft9" and lolita dresses do not fit me unless they are below 78cm. (Most lolita dresses are around 85-90cm.) I went ahead with the order, I double checked if they did custom sizing for this dress by contacting them directly which they replied and told me they did so I went ahead and put my details in the order form.
However, I still wanted all the same measurements as a size small but I wanted the length shortened and a little taken in from the bust. I went ahead and asked for a small and input my measurements.
They confirmed the order and let me know that my dress would arrive in the next 2-3 months.

I received the dress within that time but as I opened the parcel (WISH I HAD TAKEN PHOTOS OMG) to my disappointment, it looked loooooooooong. Pretty much the same length as the photo above.
So I pulled out my measuring tape and it was the original 90cm. I put the dress on (again I wish I had taken a photo to prove how long lolita dresses are on me) and it was halfway down my shin.
I had waited roughly 3 months for this dress and they just sent me a standard small size. Obviously I was not pleased and sent an angry email immediately demanding for a refund or at least £15-£20 as that is the price I will have to pay to get it altered at the dry cleaners.

The reply I got?
(I'm not sure if I am allowed to directly copy the words from the email, but it went along the lines of:)
"Hello, sorry to hear the dress is not what you wanted, however in your order form you specified you wanted a size small which is what we sent you"
Obviously I wrote back stating that I had put measurements sections below in the order form which was clearly noticeable. (If you see their order forms it is hard to miss the measurements given, so there was no excuse.)
He then proceeded to tell me that "You must state you want a 'custom size' not 'small' then give the measurements" ....if you look on DOL's webpage it says nothing about writing "custom size" rather than "small." I still wanted a small just the length and bust altered. Why else would I put measurements in my order form if I just wanted a standard size? Also, how was I supposed to know this? Next to the image of the dress all it states is:

The polka dot bow on the waist is detachable
*Can be custom

No where on the page does it tell you this detail. The only reason I bought from DOL was to order a specific size since I am such a short-arse.
Then I was "generously" offered a total refund of $7 which is about £4 ...maybe not even that. Wow thanks douche-bag, that's really going to make a difference in my bank account.
That was all they would offer me, not even £15 which is how much it cost me to get it altered a few inches at the dry cleaners.

Once my dress was altered it was to my knees but I still felt really frumpy-looking in the dress. I don't wear lolita often because of my size I end up resembling a munchkin-frump...thing. So; alas, I got it altered AGAIN.
(I guess I did have a strike of luck though, the dry cleaners I went to got burned down during the night one week after my dress was altered...can you imagine if my dress was still in there? Ultimate FUUUUUU-)
Anyway this is how my dress looks now, I still had to leave the original bust size and pull the material in since it'd cost so much to get it altered.~
Look how much material has gone... >  >
I am really pleased with the end result, the dress was actually made very well despite them making the wrong size. The fabric is all aligned well and the print looks exactly like the one pictured on their website. I really love lavender and black together *-*
One part that annoys me are the bows along the bottom of the waist ties. They look a little messy and the corners haven't been sewn onto the strap. The sewing only runs along the middle of the bow - I could sew it up myself, but really it should have already been done when it arrived to me. 
Underneath the dress is a silk lining, the lace is a little stiff but it does not touch your skin when wearing a petti underneath so it is not uncomfortable or itchy :3
Note how far I have to pull the straps along the back of the dress and I'm not even super skinny.
I think they've used too much material around the bust, however, it is good for all sizes if you can pull the back in to how you want, however all the material bunches up at the back of the dress. I find it quite annoying.
Here is a close up of the print which I think is the best part of the dress - I thought the print would vary slightly from the original Angelic pretty dress or have a very washed-out tone to it but its very vibrant. The only criticism for the material would be its a little stiff but it is not uncomfortable to wear and I wasn't expected brilliantly soft material for a replica.
Once I wear it I shall post of photo of myself in it :3

-Huge rant and badly written-
  ☆ ☆ ☆   1/5
Quality of print:   ★ ★ ★ ★    5/5
Construction of dress:      ☆  3/5
(Had to knock two off for the dodgey bows, stiff zip and the amount of material around the back)
Cleanliness of garment:             5/5
(I didn't experience any dirt marks - or mould luckily!)

I wont be ordering from DOL ever again, I just really had to own this dress and I knew I could get a custom size from DOL...but obviously not!

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