Friday, 29 June 2012

GEO Angel Violet CM-831 review

Well, this is half a review, since this is my first time purchasing & wearing circle lenses; therefore, I have nothing to compare to ..
I purchased these from, here is a link to the actual lenses I bought if anyone is interested:
Okay first, here is a photo of how the lenses were sent to me~
They came with a standard free contact lens case too :3. I think the lenses took about a week and a half to get to me in the UK, but I'm not sure where they were sent from. I checked the website again (I probably haven't looked hard enough) and it does not say which country the lenses are shipped from, so delivery may differ depending on where you live.
Anyway! Trying them on for the first time did scare me a little as I didn't know how to get them out at all, but putting in the lenses was quite easy.
 Once the lenses were in my vision was blurry around the edges for a while, I couldn't look up without my eyes watering but I guess my eyes needed time to adjust.
There was a thickness to them as well, where I would blink and be able to feel the rim of the lens, however, I have no idea if that's normal since I've never worn any contacts before! Haha. Here is an example of how they look in natural light:
A lot of brown still shows in the centre but I knew circle lenses were designed with a large space along the middle anyway so that does not bother me. I wore the lenses for about two hours and I experienced a lot of watery eye syndrome!
Again, I think this is due to my eyes not being used to contact lenses.

Here is an example of how the lenses appear further away. I love the size of these lenses as they're not too overwhelming, some lens sizes make people look high! xD
Also, the colour is not as vibrant as I'd like it, however it does look very natural considering it is a violet coloured lens. The colour obviously differs in certain lights such as using flash: 
Pretend flames on candles ftw!!
Excuse my extremely derpish face...I was getting near to a slightly drunk stage. (Click to enlarge the image) Here you can see they are much more vibrant with flash. 
Here are some more images for y'all :))

Overall, they took a little while for me to get used to but they are lovely lenses~! I love the look of them although I would mark them down for comfort as they still blur my vision slightly around the edges :c

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