Friday, 29 June 2012

Camden + China town treats!

Here are some goodies I bought yesterday from China town :)
I was running low on decent stationary - I seem to only own broken things, pens that have run out or stationary that is difficult to use. I was going to just buy something cheap in WHSmiths but why do that when I can buy something cheap AND cute from China Town?
Cute stationary makes me happy, along with many other sad things ;3;

The pink packet is a face mask by 'Kiss Me' Heroine make and the masks pretty much look like this: 
Sexy face mask  

hahaha it makes you look like you've had plastic surgery, but its a great idea and the mask isn't messy slop that you have to wash off! I haven't used it yet, I'm sure there is only one in the packet...I don't know since the info is in Japanese... obviously (haha). I'm saving the mask for a nice evening out (although my skin is looking terrible right now, but I have work tomorrow, I don't care if I look spotty at work ;D)
I was going to buy a pack of face masks....but they were £16.99 altogether o.o Japanese BB cream was about £14.99, mascara was £16.99; some Japanese beauty products ranged up to £25 and I don't think it is worth the money unless I've read up a lot on a specific brand. Since all the info is in Japanese it makes me weary to spend all that money on them, so I bought a mini packet for £2.50 :) 
Okay right here.....*emotional* right here, are my babies bought in Camden ;3;
It was love at first sight I tell ye! They caught my eye straight away while I walked past, I picked them up, mouth open and the size on the shelf were my size! Woo!! Off my creepers flew and I BANGED these babies on (lolwot) and...the rest is history... hahahaha xD no but honestly I have been looking for thick high heel shoes for such a  long time and these are perfect!!

Also, I love the shop I bought these from! They constantly play kpop, sell cabochons, adorned in beautiful lace everywhere including the curtains for the changing rooms, handmade princess-decorated mirrors and boxes, adorable one-sized clothes that ALWAYS fit me and all the shoes in the store display UK size 3, its my shop I tell you!! :D Sometimes I go all the way to Camden just for that one shop xD...
o3o how adorable are these?! They're banana rubbers or "rober" as it was spelt in the shop hehe :3
Oh yeah, look what arrived in the post this morning!
I been listening non-stop to purely 2NE1 for about three weeks now, I'm so glad the CD finally arrived; now I can blast it all day at even louder volumes on my CD player ;)
And lastly, I found this adorable rabbit contact lense case for £2.50 :3 its purple as are my contacts ;). I love that there's a key chain at the end so I can keep my contacts with me while I'm out as well.
Its the perfect match you see.

So that's all m'dears :) I also bought myself a skirt, but I'll take a photo when I wear it properly. I'm going to stuff my face with strawberries and cream now omo

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