Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hyper Japan

What a great weekend I had! :D Although it was 4 days ago...I'm slow on updating. 

As you've probably guessed from my past post I tried out Hime Gyaru and I honestly have fallen in love with this fashion. I feel as though its a more wearable and toned-down version of Lolita. I have gone off the costume-y look of sweet lolita and I don't think it suits me all that well ;-;

My day began at 5:45...I take a long time to get ready for these kinds of events xD And began decorating my nails! (The nail glue was a bitch; it would dry around the edge of where you squirt the glue from within seconds!)
I used: Lace, flowers, rhinestones and nail stickers. I'd like to add, never glue lace to your nails! It looks awful when it falls off.

After placing in my hair extensions and spending half an hour trying to pin "the rat" to my head (no, not a real rat, don't worry. I do wash my hair ;D) - which is like a lump of fake hair which you pin under you're real hair to make "the poof" in Hime Gyaru - I pinned in my hand made hair clip and I was ready to go!
(I had to be careful not to make the poof too big or I'd end up being mistaken for Amy Whinehouse which has happened on multiple occasions. Nothing against her or anything.)

So, I've been to Hyper Japan once before, last year in July where I dressed in lolita! :D
I think Hyper Japan is almost like a miniature manga con but more about fashion rather than manga and anime :) 
Here's a photo of Heba and I on the bus, making our way to the train station :P, oh how wonderfully exciting! ;D
It was just me and her, we seem to be the only Japanophiles on our course :B. I think Heba is one of my first friends to be PROPA into Anime and Manga- although I've had friends before who have found Japanese pop culture interesting - I could talk about Japan all day with her and not get bored.
Hahaha I sound like a lonely old woman who's found her soul mate ;)

But yeah, usually I'm very 'alone' in my interests xD
I must say now, I am so sorry for how badly written my blog posts are. I've been out of practice for a while and frankly, I'm too fucking lazy to sound like I have a lot of smarticles, so a blog post that sounds like a five year olds story will have to do!

On the right is a photo of me with two lovely classic lolita girls :). They liked my rings and nails and took some photos of them, plus my outfit :D

Amongst all the various stands was Cyberdog which was where Popi Atom was but but but ;A; I got so fucking shy and didn't even say hello to her or ask for a photo or anything and I feel like such a miserable, unsociable person ;-;. Sometimes I just clam up and say nothing! For those who don't know, Popi is a journalist in NEO magazine and also works in Cyberdog and she is a big inspiration to me, not just in her style but in her general outlook on life. God I sound like a bloody creep! I can never say how much I admire someone because I'm terrible at expressing myself.

-Herp derp- 
Next up was the fashion show hosted by Pixie Late! It was interesting to see all different kinds of styles rather than just lolita which was what seemed to be the theme for last years "kawaii star."
I especially liked the tall Visual Kei girl plus the three girls dressed in Fairy Kei :D
I haven't seen barely anyone dressed fairy kei in the UK so it was refreshing.
Also, Pixie Late's dress in this photo is to die for *_* man, I wish I wasn't so abnormally short so I could fit into regular lolita dresses. 
Towards the end of the show I saw, for the first time irl, a Gyaruo!! He was awesome, I'd love to dress Lorenzo up like a Gyaruo (haha he sounds like my personal doll ;P) but I think...he may end up looking a little XD and I know he'd hate this style if I introduced it to him. 

Lastly as the fashion show drew towards the end they gave out prizes for the best dressed in  audience  and half of those who clambered up on stage were ALL in lolita :S I was about to go up but I stopped at the side of the stage...I felt like I'd be laughed at as I wasn't as over-the-top as the lolita's. I knew I wouldn't win anything anyways.
I wish there was more variation at these kinds of events! Its always lolita or cosplay :COh! Nearly forgot, I also have a little side story... Okay, so my PERFECT DREAM DRESS is Angelic Pretty's fantastic dolly JSK in lavender and THE SKIRT WAS THERE ON A LOLITA STALL. However, we had to wait 20 minutes until the stall opened. So we stood and waited when we were informed only ten people at a time were allowed. I stood at the front so I didn't mind. So, anyway, 20 minutes was up, I was the third person to be allowed to see the pieces they were selling ...THEN THE BIATCH (okay that's rude, I don't mean that XD) INFRONT OF ME TAKES THE SKIRT OFF THE RAIL AND BUYS IT STRAIGHT AWAY WITHOUT EVEN MEASURING IT UP AGAINST HERSELF. WHAY WHAY WHAY?! But as Heba said, some things happen for a reason and I'd much rather buy the dress :3. But I have to have it custom made, like :c.

Here's Heba and I again about to leave the event, smiling just as creepily as we were in the  first photo XD. My feet were dying from the heels I wore and I couldn't wait to get that bloody rat off my head! - Wat o.o -
It was a  really great day, tiring since I'd been up since 5:45 and didn't return home until 9 after stopping for Mcdonalds at Kings cross ;P FATTIE FATTIE!

Anyway, here's a rundown of my outfit :)
Blouse  - Baby the stars shine bright
Dress - Camden
Socks - Primark...... :B
Shoes - Ebay, then customised myself
Coat - Bangomango
Hair piece - Handmade
Accessories - Ebay, Primark, Claires

...I love cheap things okay?! XD hahaha I don't buy many brand things because my style changes so often and I would probably waste money.

Woah I've wrote way too much...why do I take so many photos? Anyways, here's EVEN MORE PHOTOS OF WHAT I BOUGHT :D WHY AM I SHOUTING? I DON'T KNOW!

 Rilakkuma purse - £10, Korilakkuma charm - Originally £7 but the man gave it to me for 6, what a babe :3
 Mickey mouse pom pom phone charm - £3
(I also 'decoed?' my phone which took me forever)
 Rilakkuma notebook - £2.50...I have an obsession with Rilakkuma at the moment
 Higurashi manga (part 2 and 3) Atonement arc vol 16 and 17 - £5.99 each 
 Eden of the east episodes - £6 CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS
Handmade Bow Bracelet :3 - £2.50
I also bought a really adorable cardigan for £5 but I haven't taken a photo and I cba to do it now.