Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spreepicky Honey Brown 70cm Curly Wig review!

Hello! How are you all? I wanted to review this wig I purchased from spreepicky on storenvy as I was looking for a light coloured wig with twin tails, also the store has free shipping on everything and a girl messaged me her 10% discount code so I thought why not! 
I've never ordered from storenvy before because the shipping prices are so high and most of it can be found cheaper on taobao or ebay, however my experience with spreepicky was amazing!

I ordered the wig thinking it would take a long time to arrive since I believe they ship from China but it arrived within 5 or 6 days! I can't remember the exact amount of days but it was very fast!
My wig arrived in one parcel with two seperate packets inside, one for the wig and one for the twin tails like so~

The parcel also came with some adorable nail stickers (that I've already used > >) and this cute little memo note from the spreepicky team. I love getting things like this, it just gives it that extra special touch.
At first I really wasn't sure about the colour when I tried it on since I have a slight olive undertone to my skin. My eyes and eyebrows are naturally dark as well, so initially when I tried it on I didn't think it really suited me and I was wondering whether to sell it again.
However I was amazed with the wigs high quality kanekalon fibres which makes the texture very soft.
Before I came to a decision on whether it suited me or not I experimented in full make-up, circle lenses and lightened my eyebrows (with facial bleach called Jolen in case anyone was wondering). I feel that the tone of the wig blends well with my complexion now and it really highlights the overall feminine look of my bodyline dress too! ;3; Oh the wonders of make-up and lenses 
I took off the twin tails and experimented with a more casual outfit. I love the versatility of this wig and below I've shown some images of the different looks you can create with or without the twin tails.
Lastly, I did a photo shoot for a uni project using this wig as you can see in my last blog post and here are my favourite shots. Hopefully you can see how beautiful this wig is and how well it suits sweet Lolita. I also think the big curls are perfect for Hime Gyaru as well.
So all in all here is my rating for ordering with Spreepicky
Wig Quality 
Shipping fees 
Price for item 
I am so pleased with my product and please note I was not sponsored by Spreepicky to do a review. In all honesty I literally cannot wait to order from them again!

Hope you enjoyed this review ^^
Bye Bye!

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  1. for the close up shot without the piggy tails, did you straighten it? it looks a bit straight? Also does the wig feel like real hair?