Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another Style post

I am one of those people that just wants to try out EVERY type of Jfashion there is. I just can't stick to one! Although Hime Gyaru is my favourite I still like to have all kinds of variations in my wardrobe. So that's what I did today, tried out some new styles with the clothes I already have ^^First up is Rokku style, I was inspired by Glavil/Tutuha I'm not sure what it is called at the moment as some people still call them by both names haha. Sorry my photo is wonky and I wish I had chosen my purple wig instead, but here's a run down.
   ♡ Skull Bandanna - Yumi                                         ♡ Black beret - Yumi                  
   ♡ Mesh jumper - Choies                                          ♡ Top, wig and leg warmers - eBay 
   ♡ Skull tutu - ACDC                                                ♡ Shorts - Camden
   ♡ Cross Necklace - Primark                                      ♡ Chain Belt - Topshop                   
   ♡ Stockings - eBay                                                  ♡ Brown Boots - Primark
   ♡ Creepers - Offbrand

Then I actually don't know what this style is called!! I just was inspired by D.I.A. but not owning anything by the brand I came up with this! :3 Maaaan I need a tan on my legs, I haven't got them out properly in a long time because English weather is poo. I also want to get longer leg warmers but this will do for now ^^ 
   ♡ Stockings, Shoes and Wig - eBay
   ♡ Minnie Mouse ears - Poundland
   ♡ Crop top - Primark
   ♡ Drape neck Playsuit - Cyberdog
   ♡ Ice cream necklace - Offbrand 

Uhhh..I don't know what to call this either! I just wanted to try it out with my new pink wig (I still haven't cut the fringe yet) but I am going to be wearing something similar to this at MCM :D. I guess it's kind of Bubble-gothy-cybery-ish? xD
I also tried some things out with the wig, oh dear its so strange seeing myself with short hair! I'm never cutting my natural hair to that length. Ever!
I really like what I did on the right but I need to pin it into place and style it :)
    ♡ Wig - Spreepicky
    ♡ Floral cat ears - Handmade
    ♡ Two piece set - Taobao
    ♡ Heels - DreamV

Next up is this adorable two piece floral set I bought from taobao. I can't wait to wear it in the summer, its so beautiful ;3;
It comes with matching bloomer style shorts that have embroidery lace around them and a giant detachable bow on the back. Its a little big around my boobieeees - but then again most things are and its not noticeable :3 I guess this is a Hime Kaji style? :)
   ♡ Rose hair clip - Accessorize
   ♡ Floral crown - Primark
   ♡ Dress - ASDA George

Next is another Hime Kaji outfit which I haven't had a chance to wear yet as its not warm enough. But believe me I'll be wearing it every week when the sun is out >:)
I found this adorable floral maxi dress on eBay, I bid £5 on it and won weeeee~
Winning things on eBay to me is like the equivalent of getting a A* in a test ;) I'M SO LAME.
I believe its originally by George at ASDA but I think this is from last years stock.
   ♡ Blouse and tights - eBay 
    Over dress -
   ♡ Headband and lace cuffs - Handmade
   ♡ Skirt - Bodyline

Another hime lolita coord! :)
   ♡ Wig, Skirt and pink cardigan - Bodyline
   ♡ Stockings and blouse - eBay
   ♡ Black Cardigan - Yumetenbo
   ♡ Shoes - DreamV
   ♡ Bow - Handmade
   ♡ Heart clip - Dreamybows

Lastly I really wanted to try out this colour way. I used to hate pink and black together but I love the contrast of the two colours, they're polar opposites but I think they work well together

I'm not sure which cardgian I prefer to be honest ;o;
Annnnd that's all for now, thanks for reading! ^^


  1. omg could you please link me the two piece floral set? its sooo cute ;w; (im in NZ so it's pretty hard to find anything cute here...)

    please email me at or comment it anywhere on my blog (!

  2. Flipping heck, you can pull off all those styles so well!!!

    1. Thank you Lorraine! >o< it was fun to try out different things :)