Sunday, 23 December 2012

My wig collection ((:

I bought my first wig in May 2011 for a Cosplay of Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss. This was back when I had no concept of good wig fibres or what colours suited my skin tone and eyebrows xD.
 As you can see my skin tone is quite strange...its not white nor tanned. Plus my eyes are very dark along with my eyebrows therefore pastel colours doesn't suit my colouring very well. This wig was around £15 from ebay..which store I can't remember. I wouldn't recommend it anyway, it tangled badly towards the end of the day and it was no longer manageable.
I tried washing the wig to de-tangle it but it showed now improvement. I then shoved it in a box and threw it away within three months. However, after purchasing a wig that didn't have the annoying itchy-ness and shitty wig holder that a Halloween wig has I really wanted to buy more decent quality wigs.
My next wig was purchased a month after the last and was also from ebay. The store is called Southpanda. I wanted a long version of my natural hair (which is dark brown with a fringe) And here it is:
 The fibres were a lot softer, cost around £20 and lasted longer than the previous wig. I loved this wig because of how natural and realistic it looked and I didn't have to fork out loads of money for hair extensions. After 6 months the entire wig was tangled and only came out for Halloween when I dressed as a zombie. I've only recently thrown it away because I forgot I even had it lying around. Notice the difference in texture and appearance: 
I wanted a wig to last me a long time and I missed my pink wig!! Despite how it didn't suit me I decided to pay more for a wig with good fibres that I can curl and straighten. I researched a lot and read many good reviews from
I bought this wig here called pinkxlavender lolita blend:
This wig is no longer sold on GLW, for a while they stocked the short version, but I don't think that is available anymore either. Anyway this wig cost $57.00 which is roughly £35 plus £7 postage. When the wig first arrived there was a distinct difference in texture and instantly was better quality from the previous wigs. Looking back now I really hate this wig, the colours are awful and very flat giving that un-natural look, although at the time I really liked that "costume-y" effect. Plus my skin tone looks awful with pink hair. I still own this wig and use it for photography and art purposes
The wig is still in good condition, however I realised that their wigs tangle very quickly underneath to the point where it is impossible to manage. I have a wig comb but the knots are too tough to de-tangle. It can be quite itchy along your neck, however the layer on top remains in decent condition. Only now has the ends started tangling. With most curly wigs they are harder to maintain than straight wigs. Sometimes I wish I had straightened this wig before it tangled :c (Oh yeah forgot to mention GLW fibres allow you to curl/straighten on a low heat).
Since I no longer wore my old brown wig I wanted something natural and GLW had released its classic wavy collection. The brown they stocked was a chocolate brown and I wanted a very dark shade much like my old wig, therefore I purchased the black:
Wavy black wig
I could almost tell from the middle picture the fibres were going to tangle easily as black wigs are more coarse than any other colour (I'm not sure why). I also felt like it may end up looking like witch's hair...but I bought it anyway for around £30 (this is including postage)
When this first arrived the texture was amazing, but within no time, like I predicted it tangled underneath and also after a month and a half the top layer followed giving it that witch look T______T.

I got a lot of use out of this wig, despite it being tangled, but in the end I threw it away because it was uncomfortable. From then on I saw many wigs I liked from GLW but I couldn't help thinking they were overcharging a little considering how tangled the wigs got although it was no where near the state of my first two wigs. So I wore extensions for a long time from then on and only since this summer have I gone on a giant wig spree! My first wig was again from GLW but I decided on getting a straight one since I figured it would be easier to brush. Here is the link to the wig: Straight classic burgundy

I went for red as I thought it would suit my colouring better than pink or lavender. I didn't want to go for brown either because my natural hair colour is Brown and I just bought extensions for that instead.
I really love this colour, I still have this wig which cost me around £40 I think, it has tangled slightly along the bottom but it is manageable with a comb and hopefully soon I'll buy some wig shampoo for it (:
Next was this wig which I originally bought for a CL cosplay. I knew light hair colours did not suit me but this wig was on sale so I thought, why not? Its only for one day (:
It cost me £17 and free postage and packaging from ebay!! 

 Originally I thought it wouldn't suit me and I'd wear it for one day at Manga con, but it became one of the wigs I've worn most often. I love the style & colour even though it wouldn't have been something I'd ever have gone for since I prefer dark tones or pastels. Since the style of the wig has a lot of tight curls I expected some tangling plus for £17 I didn't think it would be great quality. However the tangles are barely noticeable as it sort of blends with the natural texture of the wig.
The little pegs used to adjust the wig size to my head snapped so I have to use many bobby pins to secure the wig to my head. I've never had any trouble with it coming lose. Sadly I can't find the store on ebay anymore :c
Since I really liked this wig I wanted another in this colour for Gyaru styles and found this store which had this wig but is no longer in stock:

I haven't worn this one much, I'm not sure why because it is great quality and as you can see I've only really used it for art. Since I altered the colours in this photograph the pink looks more orangey to me XD. But on the left side it is light brown and on the right it has a huge pink highlight. The pink looks very natural although its quite a flat tone but the brown blends nicely with it. I got this for around £25 and apparently its my "Nicki Minaj" wig...maybe that's why I haven't worn it that often haha! The images below are a little clearer on colour and is the same length as my red wig - excuse my derpness:
I seriously fell in love with that light brown hair colour because I then bought another one in that colour > < this time it was Hime Gyaru style which I bought from Bodyline (scroll down on the page). I dressed Hime Gyaru for Hyper Japan and I've wanted one of these wigs for so long *__*
This was around £32 plus postage and paying for customs it came to around £50! The price is worth it though, its still very soft and I have already had a lot of use from it.
Next I needed a shitty wig for Halloween and a photoshoot. I got it from ebay from a UK seller for about £8.99. I got two uses out of it and its now sitting in my drawer looking like a tangled rat. Haha, I didn't need it for anything else so I don't mind that:

Then next is my two toned purple wig which is one of the best quality wigs I own :)

I bought from this ebay store: Coscraft and I have always wanted a purple wig, however the tones were always very flat giving it no dimension and an obvious "wig" look. This one I found had three different shades of purple which made it look like real dyed hair. The seller is from the UK and I recieved the wig within two days. The texture is the softest and thickest I've had yet and cost £25.50.
I wanted something really big and wavy, at first I was hesitant to get a pink wig as my other wig in this colour didn't suit my skin tone. However it had a darker tone to it and it was £10.99 on I couldn't complain really! It took a while to arrive since it was from China but its so soft and really amazing quality. It has lasted me a long time as well :)

Lastly I bought this wig thinking it was a light brown, turns out its blonde! I always promised myself I'd never wear/suit blonde but I found I really loved the wig - especially with my lolita dress ^^.
 I really wanted something big, feminine and curly and this suited all of those things. The wig was from Spreepicky on storenvy for £28 which is an amazing store with great prices and free shipping!
That's all for now!
Bye Bye


  1. @Churi.. They are all the pics of this single girl who is looking so pretty ....................................

    I really loved your wig collections though I've never tried these cosplay wigs ever but instead I've only purchased from this online stores of Elevate styles and I'm looking forward to suggest your blog to others for this excellent collections of wigs that you have.

    Love yaa :)

    1. Aw thank you both ! :))
      Cosplay wigs are good if you want to try out brightly coloured hair :3 though I much prefer natural looking and tonal wigs as it looks slightly more realistic (:
      Plus I love having long hair! :D
      Wow, that store has some great wigs o: and thank you for suggesting my blog ^^ !

  2. Very good collection of wigs and they are looking very nice and natural. I especially like the last wig. I've been wearing wigs for a very long time. I always buy wigs wigs online from this store of Elevate Styles. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. keep posting similar articles.

  3. Your very pretty. ^^ I was actually looking for a purple wig for a cosplay and I looked on Coscraft's web page and didnt see that particular wig. Can u tell me what is the name of the model?

    1. Aw thank you! ^^
      Yeah sure, I found the link here for you (:

  4. Hello, I would really like to know what the seller was who sold the pink rhapsody wig.
    Could you please give me a link ;-;

    1. Sure :)

    2. Ahhhhh thank you so very much c:

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