Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hyper Japan! November 2012~

So the morning started at half seven and it was pretty boring. I got ready and here's what I looked like! The bow, necklace and the bracelet was hand made by me.
I did Hime Gyaru again :D and actually bought a wig for it this time!
I had the crazy cab man ringing me three times near half nine telling me that the cab was leaving soon I was like, okay babes keep your tits on. Stop ringing me! Also he spoke really fast with a heavy accent so everything he said I just replied with "....yeah?" XD haha!!
Here's the accessories I made and wore:
Teddy bear bow
 Rose Bracelet

Crown choker
Me and myyyy Heba on the train, lol I'm kidding she's not actually mine...

(or is she?)
When we arrived I bought way too much than I should have >  > BUT I REGRET NOTHING.
The image on the left is me with this adorable girl who had wonderful headphones which she made herself! I have seen her at every Hyper Japan I've been to but I can't remember her name unfortunately :'((.
Oh! Guess who else I bumped into - VenusAngelic
I saw her around at Manga con too but I was too embarrassed to say hello both times. I've seen a few of her videos...they're a little but hey she can do what she likes haha. Its always odd to see the people you've watched on youtube.
As we were browsing I came across a nintendo stall selling old nostalgic games and as I looked upon the shelves I came across a Spyro plushie!!!

Hahah I am a big fan of the PS1 Spyro games and not to mention he was the first ..."thing" I had a crush on as a kid! I was slightly odd child okay :c. I wanted to be a dragon too and save the world of Avalar with Spyro 

Pixie Late also has her own shop now and was selling adorable items by Swimmer and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Mameshiba. I just had to by this wonder scarf in the image above. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BOW. I have an obsession with bows and also the pattern, the colour, the softness plus it was by swimmer, a brand I've always wanted to buy from. Yeah don't mind me being propa Gee with Spyro...

I wish I took a photo of all the food we had at Hyper Japan, their food is ten times better than the shitty "Sweet and sour" noodles you get at MCM. Even though the food is expensive it is worth it at Hyper Japan.
I had Japanese beef curry with fried vegetables, it had a specific name in Japanese but my memory is so terrible :c. Since then I've really wanted to try cooking it myself, it was lovely.

Then I had some Vegetable noodles (which also had a specific name in Japanese) I did want some kind of meat in the noodles, however the only option was prawns and I don't eat any seafood >->"
I don't think I'd survive if I ever visited Japan.
Then lastly I had Doriyaki which I also tried at Manga con and it consists of two mini pancakes held together with ice cream. Y'all maybe thinking, wont the ice cream melt?
Nope! It stays quite solid yet still soft and creamy enough to bite into.
Oh hello ;)
It comes in a variety of flavours and I bought the strawberries and cream (:
They have chocolate, red bean, custard and some others that I don't remember.
We then proceeded to take derp photos in the toilets ;)

Such a badman!
I will take photos of everything else I bought but the lighting is terrible right now but I got a photo of my posters :P I couldn't help myself! And I was only charged for two and these are excellent quality and a lot cheaper than the posters at MCM expo which were £10 each! 
Even though T.O.P is my bias, I have this huge thing for Seungri.
I don't know what is but he seems like he'd be one of those secretly sexy boyfriends who acts derp in public but know ;D hahaha
What am I saying? o.o

This is badly written but I'm tired and I can't remember what else happened haha!