Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bubblegoth for MCM!

Hey my lovelies! I apologise for not posting on here in a long while. I guess I haven't had any material to write a post on. However, I am back and although this is nearly a month over due I am going to show you guys what I got up to at MCM on 25th May! I had been planning to do a sub-style called "Bubblegoth" since January because I have always admired it but never actually worn it! I have realised not many people have even heard of it when I explained what style I was going to be wearing so here is a little history lesson for y'all.

What is Bubblegoth?

It is a combination of things light and ethereal merged with Gothic elements and embellishments.
It was first created by Estonian singer Kerli (the songwriter for "Skyscraper" most famously sung by Demi Lovato), although it was her fans that gave the style its official name. They named it bubblegoth as it is a hybrid of all things dark but portraying them in a beautiful way which is prevalent in both her fashion and lyrics.

I don't really know what style it is closest to; in terms of combining opposites I would compare it to creepy cute, however there are many more cyber and futuristic elements. It obviously is different to those two sub-styles otherwise it wouldn't have its own name!

What really inspires me about Kerli is the fact the most of her outfits you'll come across her wearing are handmade and customised by the singer herself! I love that despite being somewhat of a celebrity, you usually expect to splurge on extravagant, expensive fashion. Kerli, however opts for the cheaper alternatives which she customises to give the items her own unique and beautifully-twisted edge to them!

Here are a few examples of Bubblegoth which can range from a vast amount of influences such as Cybergoth, Harajuku street fashion and some parts of Lolita.
For more examples have a little peak HERE :)) there's a lot of really inspiring photos on there if you're looking to try out this style.
Anyway to start off my outfit I wanted to wear all White as I was inspired by her "Army of Love" music video and here is my completed outfit:

To achieve this look I used my drape playsuit from Cyberdog in white as I think it has the same Cyber-like elements that Kerli wears and also has very tight fitting shorts. As you can see Kerli wears a lot of tight booty shorts with large platform shoes which accentuates the length of her legs. My platform trainers are from eBay, however I do wish the platform was higher! But they worked just as well ((:
 Really I should have used a white wig as well, however I love when she combines all white with pastel coloured hair so I purchased a Junko Enoshima wig because it had the clip-on pigtail length and colour I was looking for. To style it I cut a V shaped fringe in and plaited the rest of the hair and tied them with clear elastic bands. Originally I wanted to try dreadlocks and putting plastic tubes into the wig to replicate the CyberGoth trademark look, however I much preferred the appearance of these plaits and I felt it gave it a cuter edge! :))

The netted crop top and silver PVC bra were both from eBay (I think the bra was listed as a strippers bra hehehee). Although I wanted all white I thought the silver would give it a nice balance and I accessorised the hair with a silver glittery bow to match.
Then lastly I added these adorable white fluffy bear ears which I bought from Bodyline ;3;

As you can see Kerli wears a lot of accessories as well and I took my inspiration from "Army of love" where she adorned herself in teddy bear heads. I purchased pearls, spikes, rhinestones and teddy bear heads from eBay to create a garter belt, necklace and a ring.

The lace choker was also bought from ebay and I used hot glue gun to stick everything together (except for the spikes.) If you are looking to try your own interpretation of Bubblegoth I would highly recommend making your own items as it will be difficult finding exactly what you're looking for in high street stores and that is also the main aspect to Bubblegoth. Its a lovely DIY fashion style which is what I love most about it <3.
The things to add to your outfit would be pearls, rhinestones, spikes, lace, teddy bears and doll heads.
So all together this is the final result of my outfit
This was before we got to Excel centre and my friend Amy cosplayed Pinkie Pie :).
I got there just in time for rehearsals for the fashion show which had a galaxy theme, although I  think most people turned up in anything they wanted! Haha 
Phoenix // Me // Nes Alienmonster // Michelle // Paulina // Aerith Harajuku // Sarah // Hannah // Rosanna // Lauren // Letitia // Aisha

Ida // Rosanna // Letitia // Lauren // Me 
Photo by Kittie Neon
I look so grumpy xD I felt like we were posing forever, I was hungry and hot as well hence the preoccupied expression.
After the fashion show ended we shopped around and I found the most beautiful thing in existence...a Rilakkuma bike!! Not that I ever cycle any more because Billericay is full of hills and I'm a lazy biatch.

Then as we were making our way outside we came across Belle and Anastasia. I think both of them did a fantastic job but I was really happy to have found an Anastasia! She is really rare to find and I have been going to MCM since 2008 and never seen anyone cosplay her, I think Anastasia is a hugely under-rated film and its one of my all time animation favourites.
We then randomly started speaking to this guy who came all by himself and invited him to have dinner with us in China town. None of us could be bothered to change so we all went dressed up to central London haha.
Here are the things I purchased, it doesn't seem like a lot but I spent over £70!! Where did it even go?! WTH.

(L-R) Gold two way Star clip by Chocomint/Dreamy Bows, My Melody notebook, Chocomint tulle bow headband by Dreamy bows, Kokokim catalogue (it has the most adorable artwork omggg <3), Cinnamoroll plushie, Lolita illustration postcard, squishy food stickers and Higurashi Vol. 23.
It was a great day and I'm glad I never fell over in my platforms...except right at the end of the day when I went to get off the toilet >   >.


  1. you look so cute! Love how you styled the wig in the end, it defs looks better with the plaits ^^

    1. Thank you so much! :D I took forever to decide the hair style so I'm glad it paid off ! ^^

  2. Hi, I've just discovered your blog today :) wondered if you were going to Hyper Japan this year? It's my first time going and I'd love to meet some new people!

    1. Heya :) ! Uhhhhm I'm not sure to be honest, as I don't know what days people are going and I have a wedding to go to on that weekend! But I will probably go on Sunday if I do go ^^
      Hope I see you there! :D