Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quantum Madness review :3

I'm so happy!! I've finally received a bag I've had my eye on for a long time. I bought the angel winged backpack from Quantum Madness as shown below.

This is a replica of Lost Mannequin's bag which is originally $50. If you are into brand names and dislike replica's selling for a cheaper price I suggest buying from Lost Mannequin. However, Quantum Madness sell this bag at $45 and without as much money to spare, plus not being fussed on having the label, I decided to purchase this bag finally! Another reason I wanted to buy from Quantum Madness was that I had often spoken to the owner of the store (Lauren Preston) before she created her store envy and was always so lovely and trustworthy.

The items from Quantum Madness are mainly lolita wigs, shoes, harajuku inspired clothing etc. sold at an affordable price.  
I placed my order on 17th February and arrived 26th March, the delivery took a while because the item had sold out when I ordered it. Lauren is based in Oxfordshire, England so it would be a lot faster to sellers buying in the UK which is another reason I wanted to order from Quantum Madness since postage wouldn't be as much as buying from abroad.
When I first opened the parcel I was surprised with how sturdy the material is and the amount of room inside. 
My photo doesn't do the space any justice...please excuse all my crap..I'm lazy! But I could fit my DSLR camera, plus its case and still had room for all my other junk, also there are three secret pockets on the inside along with three extra pockets on the outside.
The straps are detachable as well, although I don't see why you wouldn't want the straps on x'D
Here is a rough idea of the size of the bag and there is also a choice of the strap sizes. I chose the smaller ones since my back is small. Its absolutely perfect and looks great with my Candy Stripper jacket ;).  
While I was waiting for my parcel to arrived Lauren kept me up to date with the wait of the package and would often contact me to see if it arrived. 
Communication is a big deal to me when buying from an independent store, I am definitely going to buy from Quantum madness again when I get some moolah in my pockets!
Storenvy: Quantummadness (my photo is on her page too!! :D)
Facebook: QuantumMadness

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